venue: IT PARK
time: round 10ish (after dinner)

we moonbathed.
i was with a good friend from college.
we have been moonbathing since yesterday.
the moon is at its gorgeous phase.

i bought along my mat from the company i was affiliated with before.
set it up err down the ground?
does that even sound right?O_O
anyhow, so there.

what else?!
we moonbathed.

and off to the search for some cheesecake.

nothing beats like spending some time with a good friend.
under the moon.
did crazy pictures.
listened to music.

and finally, went out in search of some blueberry cheesecake :smile:
i never had one.

(this is the part where you can call me a loser)

we searched and searched.
and we ended eating at Figaro.
never thought it tastes good.
so heavenly.

btw, super is now my new expression.

this would actually be my first official post here.
after being a total loser at customizing my new and first ever blogsite.

yay for me.

i think.

all is good.
for now.

~with the picture.. i know its not really related to anything in my post but the picture reminds me of dee dee...

deedee: fanciful unicorn.. .. :))

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