this and that.

what ive been up to. 
aside from the fact that io is being stubborn, i am still a bum. a coach potatominus the coach. if there was a floor potato then that would have to be me.sleep late, wake up late. normal routine. wake. eat. watch movies. go out atnight. come home late. err early dawn and repeat.

i have also been watching French films sponsored by my hacker friend :D beenenjoying the list she gave me and the ebooks as well. ahhh so many things to doso lil time.

i applied online. i got a call finally. am scheduled for an interview tomorrowat 9am. 

i have been busy. i was a busy bum this past few weeks. i met up withunemployed friends. chilled in IT PARK. people watch and car watched. 

went out for drinks with a close friend, puffed a smoke. got drunk. went home.woke up. went to BIR. finally have an I.D! :D got my period after 2 months.dysmenorrhea. cried. upset stomach from the pork chop at lunch. cried. slept.woke up and felt better. 

went to ayala to meet up a new friend. watched Russian Filmfest. we watched WardNo. 6 and i can honestly say that i kinda feel asleep in the middle of thefilm. then, Rasputin in The Agony. we didn't realize it was made of 2 partshalfway along the movie i was thinking that maybe we were made fun off. 

guess it was titled The Agony cause it was an agony to stand watching it. wewent before the movie ended. we were freaked out by this random guy who notonly scares the crap pt of me but he freakin stares at you. i can even see thathe is staring even at my peripheries. gawd! some people are so weird. we wentout to see witness Earth Hour at the terraces. i was not amused by the host. isit just me or is she trying so hard? 

i also had fun staying at Ayala Business park. love the scene there. 

saw a hummer. H2 twice at that. red and yellow! 

saw a BMW two-seater as well. 

some people are just rich bastards.

ive been missing people from work.

been missing my dogs.

my mom too  

i wanna move out. 

i really will get to donate blood once my period is over.
i got so many things to do. 

plans to accomplish.
places to see.
guys to fuck. umm, meet.
i was conversing with a friend, more like talking to myself intoxicated byalcohol.

me: i can make this.

friend: ......

me: i have to.

i love the fact that my friend didn't say anything. or even if he did, iwouldn't remember it. there was one thing i remember though.

friend: "lower your standards."

me: "yes. id start with the short ones."

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