my failed attempt at donating blood.
i woke up late as always.
i was up late by meeting a new cyber friend
and watching anime when i got back home.
finally i was done with seto no hanayome. :D
yay! then to read alice in wonderland and through the looking glass.
to feed my mind.
and was kinda talkin to my friend who got locked out! :D

and i woke late as always.
had breakfast. and thought that maybe donating blood isnt that hard. *gulp
atleast thats how i keep telling myself as i was finishing of the anime.
thinking about the needle and the 450cc i am only allowed to donate gives meshivers.
i never had a dextrose all my life and never had any aversion to needles forthat matter.
i slept at noon to gain enough energy for me to come back home.
i was planning on going to red cross alone.
didnt want all the fuss and people snooping around and asking me mundanequestions.
when i awoke at around 2.30pm, i ate a sandwich and then headed to the bath.
went out the house with sandwich and water in tow and went to ride a jeep tored cross.
i was engulf talking to my cousin who were off to city hall to get a cedulathat i missed my exit (lols, its as if i was driving..)

i had to walk a few meters to get to red cross. went the wrong door and headingout back.

~person in red (me) lurking over the door and
checking if anyone caught me by the door. saw almost 9 people in white. a groupseemed to be engrossed at something. then i headed by the counter. this shortwhite of a guy started to talk...

short white guy: unsay ato?
me: umm, i was wondering what are the requirements to donate blood?
tall brown guy (me type): I.D maam
someone at the back noticed my presence (not that i needed that to prove myexistance) i overheard someone saying : nisugod nasad si james...

me: errr, i dont have one eh?! *sheepish grin*
tall brown guy: u have a card?
me: errr. not sure if this is enough? i had this back in highschool pa.
wsg: callcenter ka nagwork?
me: used to. tambay nako run.
*i handed over the card.."
me: i know that aint enough.
swg: butuan?
me: yes. you know that place? its far away. far far away.
tbg: prc maam?
me: i didnt get one, didnt plan to be a nurse.
(how in the world did they know i was a nurse?!)
swg: ahhh.
me: how come you guys dont have names here? like a nameplate? (i still wonderwhy i was
talking in english the whole time! O_O , i must have come off as being ashow-off or
worse: airhead.)
swg: im james.
me: i wasnt even asking. but yeah, thanks :DD
tbg laughed
me: pwede naba ang nbi? like kahit expired? i have atms, i know it aint legalbut that would actually prove im 18 right? 23 actually.
swg: di pwede mam (he pointed over a list of valid ids.)
tbg: voters mam?
me: the thing is, i lost my wallet and everything is there. everything. so allthat you need is there.
we all looked at each other.
i think imma go now. i told myself :D
me: ~sighs. guess id be back when i have all that you need then. monday right?
swg: yes. call nalang daan maam, para dili sayang plete. dili man jud permi naaang doctor. mondays siya naa but dili tanan mondays. so its best to call first.
me: aytie then.

i nodded.
me: so thanks. i guess id be back next week.
thanks. james. and you too.

i felt pathetic. i never thought donating blood actually needed IDs. guess immawait for my TIN next week then.
it took me awhile to go out of the house to go some wifi-hoarding in mcdo errracross mcdo. :D i got busy typing down all the songs my friend err demanding ofa friend wanted me to download. the things id do. and i was engulfed at sortingout the places we needed to check for apartments and houses. i badly need totransfer places now, i need a kitchen. and enough space to laze around.
id be scouring for new places tomorrow with roomies. we went to colon and foundout that
there are bargain gadgets at a local pawnshop. man, that playstation lookedreally enticing and so with that blackberry phone. my supahphone.

so there. my failed attempts at donating blood ends here. i went to Sto. Niñoto ask forgiveness for not donating blood as i promised i would. i had a wagerwith God, imma do it as soon i get my IDs back. :D

then there was this kid sporting a mo-hawk hair who was at 1 year old orsomething; he was with his mom and as we were on our way out, he suddenly cameback to say "babay God.."

that made my day.

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