no. no. no. never!

i was officially hired last march 5, 2010

i signed the contract last 6th.

i was supposed to be on a travelling account.

then, since they do not credit my one year experience i had to start from scratch.

start with a measly pay, i know i am not suppose to be critical about this nor be choosy as well. i just find it pathetic. just because i didnt render 2 years from the old company i was working for doesnt mean i am incompetent. and for the love of wifi!! its THE company i was with. didnt they think that i wouldnt be hired not unless i was really made for the job?

pretty pathetic i should really know.

i left the new company i now am affiliated with defeated. went to SM to watch Alice in Wonderland which by the way \m/ rocks!!

i reread the contract yesterday and it turns out that if i cannot comply the necessary requirements on the 15th (my supposedly start date) my contract would be null and void. *smug grin* and based on the FAQ sheet - there is NO training bond. *whew*


i had to make sure that what id be doing would not be held against me in the future.

i asked a friend about it. and i guess i was rational and within reason.

so i after sleeping all day, i called up the HR and said that i have to decline from the offer. and i did. in full confidence. i was told to bring over the documents that i all filled up. LOLS.

i just came from the HR and by tommorow imma try my luck at that banking account at the back of the company B. *evil laugh*

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