IO meets Mr.Rover

its been24hours already since i got my lappy.

he has a name. and yes, along with my vintage cam whom i called Vin.

i christened my lappy even before he arrived : IO.

like one of Jupiter's moon and short for vaIO  

i arrived from the airport yesterday feeling sickly.

motion sickness i guess thats what they call it.
i never really get the hang of long taxi rides.
i left my room at around 6:30am to get away from traffic. flight wasnt due ti7:45am.
i stayed in the arrival area and saw one of the things that i find reallyamazing: vendo machine.


no milo? darn it.
guess i have to choose coffee.

no cute guys?

darn it.
guess all cute guys wake up late.


the Sony black box is so hard to miss.
saw my uncle trotting back and forth.

me: kol, welcome to Cebu (it's his first time actually, too bad he couldnt staylong... he has a connecting flight afterall...)
i handed over the dried mangoes and otap my aunt wanted me to buy.

him: oh..guniti nah...
*smug grin*
he gave me the black box and the next scene is that im at the taxi bound forhome.

i spent almost php300 for the fair.

now im totally broke.

back home.
drank water.
darn it.
i super hate taxi rides.
makes me feel nauseous.

a friend came over to tinker my lappy.
another friend came over to get the classifieds clipings i had the weekendbefore.

i left home in the afternoon to visit my good friend and to avail of the wificonnection at her place.

and finally, warmed benches in ayala from 8pm to 12mn.

donwloaded yahoo messenger which only took about 15minutes to install comparedto the almost 1 hour endurance which was cut short due to my friend's momarrival.

so there i was facebooking away and updating most of my drivers. IO's batblinked red now. needs to recharge so i went to Bo's Coffee and bought appletea which tasted like apple tea... and then some...

then i went home laptop in tow. and finally took a rest while IO charged.

the next day IO met Mr. Rover :D
all is good. i think :D


IO is my lappy's name
Mr. Rover is my friends lappy's name. :D lols
does that sound right? 

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