yay! :D

after what seemed like 2 days of tinkering how this goes.
i made my own blogsite.

and i think i have the longest blogname :D
or maybe not.
one could use www.spongebobsquarepants.blogspot.com

that would be 20 letters +8 then the wwws and com= 34:) ahahah
(yes, you can count...)

im quite exctied for my vaio.
got a call from my dad.
vaio is finally manila.
a few more nights. 
a few more days.
vaio is home.

yay! :D
so since id be broke anytime this month,
id be walking to Ayala to avail of the wificonnection.

watch people and have something to write about.
for now, 
i wont post my blogsite here.
i wont even link it.
i think FB is my public life.
my blogspot would be my private life.

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