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Cebu has got to be one of my most visited provinces in the Philippines and with that in mind, I have created a list of foodventures with varying degrees of budget. I have lived in Cebu for a good 5 years and visit every now and then. Not certain if that counts as being an honorary Cebuana? This is the first of many Food Trippin' posts I will highlight here in the blog. 

We will start from the bottom and working our way over to the more expensive foodventure you can have in Cebu. My list is from personal experience and preference, most of these may not be your cup of tea but it's worth trying - unless you are allergic so skip to the next one instead. Also, I may have missed some other food choices but do know these are my go-to and fail-safe options when I visit Cebu. Please know that the photos used in this post are directly from my camera roll. Just straight mobile photography minus the filter. I mean, who has time for VSCO filter when you have hunger pangs to deal with?

I have dwindled this down my best 14 and let's get started.

1. Sa-ang in Colon  
Sa-ang or otherwise known as Conch or Spider Shells are sold within the Colon area. These are boiled in water and chopped into smaller pieces. Skewered to barbecue sticks and dipped to a spicy vinegar condiment that you wish you can double dip! Sold by the stick or as a whole, your choice. 
Price: Php5 per stick or Php25 if sold whole (they chop the shell ala minute)
Tip: If you have sensitivities with street food or with kinds of seafood, skip this one for now.
Location: Around Colon area (heading to Sto Niño Shrine) or near Carbon.

2. Siomai sa Tisa
Don't we all just love siomai? But have you tried those from Tisa, Labangon? If not, you are definitely missing out! The OG of all siomais is sold 24/7 for local patrons and tourists alike. At night, a myriad of chairs and tables are ready to take any patron in. You can enjoy a completely satisfying meal with a little budget at hand.
Price: Php41 for a meal of 3 siomai, 3 puso (hanging rice) and a bottle of soda; varies with what you get.
Tip: One of the best pasalubong I have brought back to Manila. They sell it by the pack and order some chili sauce too for good measure. 
Location: Tisa, Labangon

3. Shawarma Sandwich Corner
Before Turks and all that you enjoy right now from the mall, the ultimate Cebu OG is Shawarma Sandwich Corner. They only have a few branches in Cebu and when I get to visit SM Cebu, I tend to get some on the way home.
Price: Sold at Php60 apiece.
Tip: You can ask for more chili and onions. Also, no cheese. Please.
Location: Main Entrance SM City Cebu


A quintessential chicken stop for any student or those who are in a pinch for a good grub minus the cost. Tagala's is your go-to chicken stop if you are down to Php50 from your allowance. They have countless branches within the city and are readily available the entire week. Best to visit around lunch when they have fresh batch freshly cooked chicken.
Price: Ranges between Php50-85 depends on the chicken part you order.
Tip: Eating requires you to use plastic gloves. Also, you can get free chicken/batter crumbs if you ask.
Pro Tip: Mix both regular and spicy sauce!
Location/s: Near University of San Jose Recoletos, University of San Carlos - Talamban, Cebu Doc Hospital and Arlington Pond

I always bring my friends to Kara's when they come to visit for the first time as the place encapsulates how Cebu is. Simple food served fresh in a no-nonsense space just intended for eating. Kara's offers a lot of options for eating like dried food, longganisa, nhohiong and easy items that requires fast frying. To get the best and freshly cooked chicken, head out over lunch and around dinner time.
Price: Ranges between Php65-90 per person
Tip: Add a dash of soy sauce with your brown sauce and dip your chicken over or heck drizzle over your rice.
Pro Tip: Get the ginamos (fermented fish condiment) and enjoy it with your chicken. I know it sounds weird but heck it tastes amazing!
Location/s Sanciangko St, Cebu City

Some provinces call it chicharon bulaklak but in Cebu, we call it ginabut. Salted, deep-fried pig intestines make for a good hearty albeit cholesterol inducing lunch or dinner or even for a quick late-night binge. Sold at pungko-pungko stations which are derived from the way people are eating, pungko means to squat. Basically, pungko-pungko means is a way of dining where diners sit on a small, low wooden bench along streets with food trays offering a variety of items at the center of the table. 
Price: Meal for 2 can range between Php100-150
Tip: Eat fast as patrons can come anytime.
Location: Pungko-pungko Station in Apple Suites Hotel

7. Jafar's Shawarma Station
Jafar's shawarma rice has got to be one of the best I have had EVER! I always come back for their Angus Beef back in the day but when they opted off of it, the Minced Beef is your next best option. They also boast in offering Vegan options as they have Chickpea in the menu. Mind you, it tasted amazing too!
Price: Meal for one can range between Php90-100.
Tip: Ask for more spicy sauce for free. If you are not a fan of beef, try the Chorizo!
Location/s: Banilad Town Center and Rustans Grocery Area in Ayala Cebu

8. Tiktilaok!
Roasted chicken is probably anyone's favorite for about any special occasion and one of my faves would have to be Tiktilaok! Best to order half chicken and get rice to share. Also, they now have rice toppings with a choice of chicken or liempo.
Price: Ranges between Php150-250 for two.
Tip: Order the Special and ask for extra roasted garlic bits.
Location/s: Found in all foodcourt mall.

9. Larsians
The main hub for all things barbecue is at Larsians Fuente. Buzzing with locals and tourists and best visited during dinner yet they open as early as lunch. They also serve seafood like squid, shrimp, and fish to be grilled upon order.
Price: Depends on your order but can range between Php180-250 if you get carried away.
Tip: Order some chorizo sticks they are amazing!
Location: Near Chong Hua Hospital 

10. Manang Fe BBQ
If you are in Lapu-Lapu area, you can enjoy some barbecue cravings with Manang Fe's. Even foreigners come by to enjoy some charred meat! They have a good mix of meat available and they also serve beer and soju too for some good nightcap. The place is inviting and family and friends tend to flock here for dinner. My go-to orders? Chicken hearts, gizzard and chicken leg.
Price: Ranges between Php180-250 for two.
Tip: Get the chicken skin and have it cooked to a crisp!
Location: Basak, Lapu-Lapu City

On your last few days in Cebu and heading out with a bang, here are a few places to indulge.

11. Barangay Seoul
If you are in the mood for some samgyupsal, Cebu has tons to offer. I have a few favorites but I have never visited Barangay Seoul as of the recent visit. There is always a bit of wait time before you can start enjoying your meal. They offer tons of amazing dishes, other than the main event which is the samgyupsal you have other meals to select. Side dishes are available too like oden, crunchy chicken, japchae and DIY salad with a few select dressing.
Price: Ranges between Php299 (lunch) Php399 (dinner) per person.
Tip: Try their noodle station!
Location: 945 Juana Osmeña St. cor Maria Cristina St., Cebu City — near Cebu Doctors’ Hospital in Osmeña Boulevard

12. Sugbu Mercado
For a wide range of food options from Thai to Korean to the local food fair, Sugbu Mercado is your best bet. It can become very overwhelming on your first visit but try to scout the area first and see what's available. They also have fruit spiked with booze and even desserts! My go-to: barbecue and buttered shrimp.
Price: Ranges between Php250-500 for three.
Tip: Once you get inside, immediately designate one person to find a table to dine in as it can get pretty hectic and crazy around dinner time.
Location: IT Park Cebu

Cebu has tons of food options to choose from but for Mexican - Red Lizard is a must! The tacos are definitely a must try! Enjoyed the Masa chips with homemade Salsa Roja which I am a true sucker for! The Mojito was a killer too.
Price: Ranges between Php500-600 for two.
Tip: Try their Carnitas Tacos and get the Mojitos by the pitcher!
Location: IT Park, Ayala Center Cebu and SM City Cebu

14. Sachi Authentic Japanese Ramen Okonomiyaki
If you have time and money to spend on your last night in Cebu, head out to Sachi. They have several branches in Cebu now and I was only able to visit their Opon and Ayala branches so far. I ordered the usual Tonkutso Ramen. I prefer chicken-based ramen versus the soy-based kind. Perfectly made and best eaten while hot. I got some Okonomiyaki which I shared both with my mom.
Price: Ranges between Php500-850 for two.
Tip: Order the Okonomiyaki with squid.
Location: Parkmall, Pajo and Ayala Center Cebu

Travelling Cebu should never be a problem and definitely, you can never go hungry only if you know where to find the best ones in town. The list is quite small but when I do get back, I will try to head out to other places to widen and refresh my palate.

Did one of your favorites make it to my list? If not, where should I go and dine in next?

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