Kara's Fried Chicken

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Cebu has been my home for almost 7 years and I have been around the area North to South chasing beaches and trying out food. I have blogged about the place some odd years ago Kara's never disappoints. Good food without having to break the bank.
FTW! Blog, Kara's Fried Chicken, #FTWBlog #FTWeats #FTWtravels #032eatdrink #ghettogrub www.zhequia.com #ZhequiaDOTcom
I am very happy to start the first segment of Ghetto Grub with Kara's Fried Chicken in Cebu. Let's move along and start this with proper setting of expectations.

1. Don't expect anything fancy and well ventilated from an establishment in Colon. The space is just enough to fit 30 to 40 people at peak hours (lunch and dinner). It can get very crowded and very warm! 

2. Don't also expect it to be very clean. They try their very best to keep everything sanitary. Hence I recommend using the plastic as your makeshift gloves for eating. Actually, you have no choice but to do so. There are no spoon and fork available here, my friends; only your hands and determination amidst the humid summer air.

3. Everything is fried. As you may now, Kara's prides itself with their chicken and you can actually enjoy other items on the menu.
FTW! Blog, Kara's Fried Chicken, #FTWBlog #FTWeats #FTWtravels #032eatdrink #ghettogrub www.zhequia.com #ZhequiaDOTcom
Other than the usual flair, patrons have options like ngohiong, longganisa, pusit, danggit, hotdogs and more. Pinoys love their condiments: they have atsara aka pickled papaya and ginamos aka fermented shrimp. I personally love the ginamos with my chicken. They also sell bananas and leche flan for dessert.
FTW! Blog, Kara's Fried Chicken, #FTWBlog #FTWeats #FTWtravels #032eatdrink #ghettogrub www.zhequia.com #ZhequiaDOTcom
and lastly 4. Expect to be full without having to sacrifice your budget.

My usual order consists of: 1 chicken at Php45, 1 puso now at Php10 (they no longer have small ones which were Php2.50 a piece), my ginamos at Php5 and lastly a cold bottle of  Mt Dew. A meal can go for Php75-80 depending on your drink. 

Insider Tip: 

1. Mix the Ngohiong sauce (sweet brown sauce) and the soy sauce (which may contain a few chili seeds).
2. Best time to visit is a little after they open and around early afternoon when they cook another batch for dinner. Perfect time for that freshly fried chicken from a big vat of chicken oily goodness.
3. If you want to add a little adventure, pair your chicken with the ginamos. It's salty, sweet goodness just makes my knees weak.
4. Kara is the owner's daughter.

At one point, Kara's has made my stay in Cebu rather memorable. I remember having to visit the first time. How I frequently bring home freshly cooked chicken to satisfy a craving. Stopping over after a long day photo walking. Even visited with workmates and enjoyed lunch together for the first and last time. Kara's has always been an integral part of why I love Cebu. How Cebu made me appreciate the simplest things in life. 

Have you been to Kara's Fried Chicken? They actually have several branches around the area but I keep coming back to the main branch near Unitop. What's your usual order?

Kara's Fried Chicken
Address: Sanciangko St, Cebu City, 6000 Cebu
Hours: Open daily from· 6AM–10PM (can extend to late evening depending on the patrons)
Phone: (032) 255 1397

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