Ginabot Station at Apple Suites

FTW! Blog, Ginabot Station at Apple Suites, Ginabot, Cebu, #032eatdrink, #032foodsceneWhen in Cebu, you can always satiate your hunger. From fancy places to partake food with wine, DIY pizza shops, sumptuous meals, to the low key yet indulgent shawarma you can always be sure that you will never go hungry here! And for tourists and noobs in town, one can always associate Cebu with it's food. There's the tried and tested Cebuano lechon, sweet otap, dried danggit or pusit and of course ginabot. Ginabot is fried pig intestines. I am most certain Anthony Bourdain will enjoy this. Ginabot is the local version of deep fried pig intestines. Salty, crunchy and this hypertensive piece of meat is paired with hanging rice/puso and with a dipping sauce made out of local cane vinegar and chopped red onions with chili. 

FTW! Blog, Ginabot Station at Apple Suites, Ginabot, Cebu, #032eatdrink, #032foodsceneThere are countless ginabot stations around town but I would always come back to this branch as they have the cheapest at only Php12 per piece. Some places offer twice the price but the taste is just not worth the mark up. We call low key places like these pungko-pungko. The name is derived from the way people are eating, pungko means squat. Basically, pungko-pungko means is a way of dining where diners sit on a small, low wooden benches along streets with food trays offering a variety of items at the center of the table. 

FTW! Blog, Ginabot Station at Apple Suites, Ginabot, Cebu, #032eatdrink, #032foodscene
When dining prepare yourself to eat using your hands protected with plastic of course! Dining is pretty straightforward, use a plastic as a plate then get another for your hands. Do not expect cutleries around here. Line a plastic by cutting/tearing it in half and placing this on the table, get food from the bins at the center of the table. There's the usual hanging rice (puso), fried food - brains, ngohiong and my favorite lumpiang taogi. The bins/plastic bags contain fried items like pork steak, chicken, a few dried food like pusit/squid, fish, they even have hotdog. A meal could range from Php50-Php85 depending on the food items you get from the bins. 

I always love asking for more red onions on my dipping sauce as I eat this along with the meat. Drink of choice is Mt Dew and after a heavy meal, tendency is to walk it off at Fuente circle or head out to Robinson's Fuente to burn the calories.

Indulgent and a good stress reliever after a long day at work. I head out to Apple Suites twice in a month, sometimes I could only visit once in four months. Regardless, it is a staple worth coming back to like Cebu's lechon and Carcar's chicharon.

FTW! Blog, Ginabot Station at Apple Suites, Ginabot, Cebu, #032eatdrink, #032foodsceneSo when in Cebu, head out to Fuente Circle and get your ginabot across Apple Suites. Truly worth a try and just a word of advice, it can be addicting. So pace yourself, enjoy Cebu and live to tell about it.

Ginabot Station
Across Apple Suites in Fuente Circle
Opens 8AM to 6PM or later.

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