I have always been on top of so many things but I totally forgot that it's my dad's birthday two weeks from now. So I headed out to the mall and look for possible gifts. There I was walking about aimlessly looking at clothes, power tools and gardening kits. I have been gone a long time from home that I could not pinpoint as to what he really needs at this time. 

A few months back, he mentioned wanting to get this jersey shirt from a thrift store. I was not sure what team he was looking at. So headed to the thrift store the next day looking over racks and racks of clothes. How could one jersey be so hard to find?

Too tired to go over everything and I was already sneezing my nose off, I decided to leave. Days came closer and I was running out of options. I found what seemed like my dad would want online. I browse through the collection of Crimson at ZALORA by clicking this link. What a great thing that they can wrap it and deliver it as a gift.
I also asked friends and relatives who have extra puppies to giveaway. My dad is a sucker for dogs which is a weakness we both share. So I found one, to make it more special I also decided to file for a leave and told the owner that I will come and get the puppy and head home to see my dad. 

For anyone who wishes to buy puppie off the internet, I highly recommend adopting from your local dog kennel. You can also just ask from relatives for extra litters.

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