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Gourmet sounds pretty intimidating, thinking that it costs way too much to enjoy a small serving of food. The truest meaning of the word is someone who truly enjoys food; a food enthusiast if I can say so and someone who head first dives into getting that most amazing steak meal with abandon; never thinking how the meal will bore a huge hole on their hard earned money. It is also a bit unnerving when one says gourmet creating a connotation that when it's gourmet, it's of small serving and hideously expensive. As much as I would like to educate everyone with the misconception, I just can't. And as someone who wants to eliminate this idea that everything gourmet is expensive and my fellow foodies at heart, this is the last thing I want you will think about. I am adamant that this is possible and it certainly is!
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I stumbled upon Gourmet Society online and boy was I excited! Nothing makes me happy that just two words: food and discounts! Gourmet Society has been the leading restaurant loyalty and privilege membership in the Philippines since they launched last October 2015. Partnering with over 200 restaurant brands expanding to over 280 branches nationwide. And now you ask me, what is it for you? 20% off your total bill! No minimum and no reservations required! 

FTW! Blog, Gourmet Society PH App, zhequia.blogspot.com, #FTWblog , #FTWeats, #FoodTalkPH, #GourmetSocietyPH, #foodperks, #Fooddiscounts, #Foodie, #NearMeIs that all? NO! NO! NO! You also get other perks like Php1000 worth of vouchers and 2 for 1 deals because eating out a with a friend is so much better.

The app has other features than just taking off 20% on your bill:

Near Me

There are times when I am utterly undecided when eating out and the app allows you to narrow it down for you with their Near Me search for hassle free dining options. This eliminates countless and endless decision making when your tummy is getting the best of you!

FTW! Blog, Gourmet Society PH App, zhequia.blogspot.com, #FTWblog , #FTWeats, #FoodTalkPH, #GourmetSocietyPH, #foodperks, #Fooddiscounts, #Foodie, #BeenHere

Been Here

With the Been Here button to cross one out from the wide range of restaurants. This allows you also to keep track of what you have already visited and move on to other places instead.
FTW! Blog, Gourmet Society PH App, zhequia.blogspot.com, #FTWblog , #FTWeats, #FoodTalkPH, #GourmetSocietyPH, #foodperks, #Fooddiscounts, #Foodie, #SaveFavorites

I love the favorite button, this allows me to remember where the best bibimbop in town! Also, I love that I can get back to the app and talk about this on my blog review when I fail to bring my notebook upon dining out.

Itching to sign up? Let's start enjoying meals and getting discounts, yeah? 

Download the Gourmet Society PH app now!
a.  Here are Links: for iOS devices and Android devices.
b. Sign up for an account and access your Gourmet Society Card
c. Head out to any of the partner restaurants and present your digital card to get the 20% off!

Simple right? Want to check the list of restaurants where Gourmet Society PH is accepted? Check the extensive list here, yes Melo's Home of Certified Angus Beef & Wagyu is included and boy am I happy among other places I want to visit!

Come and join me in exploring the wide world of Gourmet Society Philippines! Sign up here with a free trial! 

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