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After a day full of adulting, Miss Popular and myself decided to splurge a bit and headed to Zark's Burger in SM City Dasmariñas. We have passed the place one too many times and there has always been people waiting patiently to be seated. The place is always packed with customers any time of the day. I was positive that this would be the first of the many visits.

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Left: King James' Tomahawk
Classic cheeseburger with lettuce and tomatoes at Php110
Right: American All-Star Classic Bacon
Classic bacon cheeseburger at Php140
We waited for what seemed like 15 minutes and a table was already available. Checking the menu prior to landing a seat, I selected the Homerun - cheeseburger topped with caramelized onions. I have a very fickle mind and tummy and by the time the waiter came by to ask for my order, I went for the American All-Star Classic Bacon instead because, BACON!
Service was tolerable. Ambiance was close to nothing, it's not someplace you would want to stay to kill time. The space is just enough to seat about 30 - 45 people at a time. When the order came by, I was a bit disappointed.

All this hype for a measly burger with oversized buns, bland patty and what seemed like plastic cheese. The bacon, which I thought would salvage the burger lacked luster and taste. Disheartened, I did not even finish my meal. The fries we good though, I liked the fact that you have the option to season it with salt tableside.

Here's a breakdown of what went wrong (for me, at least):

  • Burger bun to patty ratio: the bun was too large for the regular sized patty. They could have atleast made it a point to use smaller sized buns and use the larger buns for the Jawbreaker: larger buns means larger meat to consume. This was evident from the other consumers leftovers.
  • Patty had a grilled taste to it. Nothing else, no seasoning. Bluuuuh

Overall, it was a waste of my hard earned money. I was hungry yet I did not finish my meal and ended up being angry for the deciding to dine again. One things for sure, I will never come back.

Zark's Burger
SM Dasmarinas
Cavite City
Opens during Mall Hours

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