El Ideal

Our visit in Silay City has been truly pleasant and utterly memorable. It is imperative that one must visit the oldest bakery in town. Still standing after what seemed to be 90+ years, the bakery offers the same baked goodness since it started opening its doors to the public. Situated right at the entrance of Silay City and a go-to place when one waits for their van to the airport. A few walks from the bakery is the van terminal to Silay Airport.

Offering baked goodness perfected with time.

A good mix of savory pastries and fresh delicacies. They also offer rice meals as well as sandwiches. A little something for everyone. Spacious and well ventilated for tourists and patrons alike. 
They have a wide range of goodies for take out and you can check the selection and bring some with you. Fairly priced and packed well for long travels on the road. 

We had a taste of the Guapple Pie which was really good. Cinnamon spiced guava slices with crumbly pie topping and a crust that holds everything well. The taste was rather sublime, it is a first for me and not certainly the last. The Buko Pie was great, just the right sweetness and added crunch to it. 

El Ideal Bakery & Refreshment 
118 Rizal St., Silay City, Negros Occidental 
Contact Number: (034) 495-4430

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