What the?!

What sorcery is this?! OMG! 

O - Oh no! I'd be competing with two of the better Foodies than I was. Yes, that's you BabeforFood and you MyTastefulLife. You can vote for them at these links: Vote for the Babe here. Vote for JM here.

M - Mustachio, this is all yer fault! HAHAHAHAHA! Thanks for nominating me or what divine intervention happened between today and the days before this. Chaar. Emote lang? HAHAHAHA!

G - Great if you help me out. You can vote for me at this link: HERE! Really sorry for the photo they chose. I'm a bit chunky there. :D

That was my initial reaction when the official e-mail arrived that I was well as the photo suggested, nominated as one of Cebu's Best Blogs this year!

In any case, FB likes will start by the time of nomination and ends on October 26th. You might want to share your favorite bloggers to your friends and help out. By October 29, 2013, they will only have Top 10 blogs according to the most number of FB LIKEs in this link Best Cebu Blogs of 2012 Fan Page

Here are the niches of the nominated blogs this year:
  • Personal – Best Cebu Personal Blog
  • Food - Best Cebu Food Blog
  • Travel - Best Cebu Travel Blog
  • Lifestyle/Fashion - Best Cebu Fashion Blog
  • Technology - Best Cebu Technology Blog
  • Events/Entertainment - Best Cebu Events Blog

To know more about the 6th upcoming Best Cebu Blog, you can visit their official site at http://bestcebublogs.com.

Here are the criteria for Judging: 
  • 30 % – Number of Facebook Likes at Best Cebu Blogs of 2013 Fan Page
  • 35 % – Nominated Blog’s Page Rank 
  • 35 % – Nominated Blog’s Alexa and Domain Authority


  1. Yahoo! It's up! Good luck Zhequia :)

  2. Thanks for the Shout out Zhee and congrats!!! And di ko better nimo, banga kay ko :(

    1. Hala! Late lagi ko kita ani?! Hahaha! Mas nauna ka kasi! :D


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