Ceramic Haul!

I was never a fan of shopping hauls for the following reasons:
  • Only Fashion Bloggers do that. 
  • I ain't got the dough to buy tons of stuff.
  • The things that I love and want to shop for are hideously expensive.

But there is always a first time right?

Today, we went out to Grandmall to buy a new pair of water containers. I live in an apartment and space on the fridge well is scarce. We were looking for those Buy 1 Take 1 type cause we're frugal like that!

After what seemed like almost an hour we got more than we aimed for. Care to ask how much all these costs? Wait for it.....

Php235! Woot! That's after a few items had less 10%. Good haul, indeed. I could get used to this.

Here's how we used the ceramic casserole awhile ago. Posting a separate blog about this recipe. :)

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