Right Way to Fly with AirAsia Zest

A lot of things fascinate me. Customs, structures, food, culture. Heck even mundane facts! Did you know? Dentists have recommended that a toothbrush be kept at least 6 feet away from a toilet to avoid airborne particles resulting from the flush. I keep my toothbrush in the living room now.

I am a frustrated traveler. Since I keep a FTW! blog (Food, Travel and Whatevs) the Travel bit is the one I have yet to be explored. See what I did there? Yes, pun intended. ;)

I wish it was easy to drop everything and randomly select a country and jet my way there. For a busy person like me, this takes planning and budget. Aside from food, traveling is considered a luxury. I'd rather not spend my hard earned money in tickets alone, I want to spend it wisely throughout the trip. This is why AirAsia comes first. Did you know they recently merged with Zest Air? Yep. They absolutely did!

I'd like to share a few of my wish list should I have the opportunity to be away from work and make my imprint in the world:
  • Puerto Princesa - I'd love to head out to Sabang to check the country's UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the New 7 Wonders of Nature. Nuff' said!
Photo from BroncoJock
  • Shanghai, China - Who doesn't love Dimsum? Thank you China for all things related to dumplings, siomai and noodles! I will definitely not leave without trying out the best soup dumplings in the world: xiao long bao. I have dreamt of this little bad boy since the time Anthony Bourdain featured this on his show. Sure, you are telling me that it's just an ordinary dumpling but mind you it is not. Once you bite into this little babies, you'd get a burst of soup. Yes, in that tiny little sack is a soup. I act as if I had my share of it already! Hahaha! Soon enough. Soon enough! 
Photo taken from Tiny Urban Kitchen
  • Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia - This time, I wanted to dive into the culture and experience the best that the place can offer. Be at the Tip of Borneo. Not literal, truly at the tip. Noted as the 3rd largest island in the world, you can just imagine how magnificent the sunsets and full moons at this side of the world.   
Photo taken from Only in Borneo Tours

Here are a few price comparisons. I couldn't find a common flight date that both CebuPacific and AirAsia share from Manila to Kota Kinabalu. Just view the photos and see the difference.

It would be a no-brainer where I'd get my tickets from. No credit card? No worries, they have other Payment methods available for everyone. They even had DragonPay and GCash as well as payment centers nationwide! I'd like to add that flights are in Terminal 4 to offer Filipinos more choice destinations. Providing better and enhance services as now with the alliance they have a wider network of domestic and international routes at low fares! Not compromising your travel experience with world class quality and standards that we all deserve.

Traveling is not rocket science and nor should you stress out getting the cheapest tickets online. Always travel light, snap photos, indulge in the culture and always experience life as it happens.

Travel today! Visit AirAsia at this link: http://www.airasia.com/ph/en/home.page.


  1. You can try xiao long bao at Choi City (BTC) or Tao Yuan (J Centre) :-)

  2. Congrats for winning the early bird contest! :) Great choice of photos. Submitted my entry today and Puerto Princesa, Shanghai, and KK were in my list too.

    1. Thanks Nadine! I appreciate it! Found them online. Haven't been to any of those places. :)


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