7.2 Earthquake hits Cebu

Here's what happened on the 9th floor of where I was working. I work for a BPO Company. On Mondays my shift ends at exactly 8AM local time Tuesday. I was waiting for my PC to finish updating before I turn off the monitor. As I was ready to head out,

The ground started to shake. Knowing that there was a construction next to the building we were located it was not new to us. But, this was not the usual shake. It was something more. The LCDs hanging from both ends of the floor was shaking violently, my agents looked at me in the eye waiting for my instruction.

For a brief moment, I thought to myself that I shall not show any sign of weakness. I instructed to keep calm and breathe deeply while we wait for the final instructions from our Shift Manager. When the go signal was given, I calmly yet firmly informed everyone to pile in one line and slowly head out the exit doors. Luckily, there were only a few staffed agents and even fewer staff. We slowly headed down the building.

8th floor
7th floor
Agents, staff members, even the concessionaire slowly and creepily went down the floors.
It was scary.
Horrifying even!
6th floor
5th floor
and finally steady ground.

I tried dialing a few close people in my life. To no avail. Tried to text and gladly the messages were sent out. Thanks GLOBE! You are always the last one standing when it comes to calamities like these. 

Sadly, there has been damages to properties, roads and even establishments. Here are a few photos from Instagram and Twitter.

Sadly, there has been casualties. 4 have been reported and there could be more from other cities. Tremors are still coming and going. It's a scary time today. Please be safe everyone. 

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