SOS Island - Win an Island

During the weekend, I was catching up on my Youtube subscriptions. These include any of the following sources of information. 

So when I was waiting for the latest video to load, Youtube tries to sell and make money by their less than a minute advertisements which I hate as well.

And this is what I was watching. 

Oddly, I finished the thing rather than clicking the Skip Ad button. What the heck?! I thought this was another survival of the fittest contest where you win money. But no, they amp up the ante and you get to win your very own private island!! HOW F*ed UP IS THAT?!

What do you do when you are trapped in an island with a smartphone? Yes, a smartphone. Wonder if there's wifi. Cause you gotta instragram some sh*t sometimes.

Head out to this link for more information: SOS Island - The Story

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