Manong; The Elite One

There are a select few people that do well in their line of work. Maybe not perfectly well, but I'd like to share something extraordinary that happened recently.
Here's Manong who drives a 17B. His eyes tired from the days work and his face worn out. Roughly, he looks like he is about 60 years old. He could have stayed at home and rest but he drives his jeep around town. He seemed like a nice person, I remember my dad when I look at him. What makes him extraordinary is his effort to ensure that passengers have already embarked from the vehicle before  he releases the brakes. A simple act of waiting. Yes, it certainly does not equate to any valued award but comparing to other drivers in town; he is an A. Assholes are what I call those jeepney drivers that will NEVER wait for anyone to land the road before driving away. I hate those types of drivers.

Here's to Manong; the elite one.

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