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I know it's quite too late to try out cuppies from Phoebe's Cupcakery but I guess it's worth a try, right? I was out with my cousin from our dimsum dinner.  

In any case, I wanted to try it before it's too late! The place purple and quaint. I am not sure why the door opens inside. I think it would have been better if it opens outside. Cause I feel that I could hit someone with the door if I wasn't really watching that there were diners inside. Or maybe it's just me.

I didn't had enough time to sit down and gobble on my cupcakes so I just had three to go.

#032eatdrink, food, cebu, cupcakes, cebu made
I wanted to try three things: Cinnabunny, Scarlette and the Nuts for Nana. 

#032eatdrink, food, cebu, cupcakes, cebu made

#032eatdrink, food, cebu, cupcakes, cebu made
My thoughts? My heart sank when I took a bite off the Scarlette. I read from blogs and heard praises about it and it did not live up the hype. It was dry and what I always love about red velvet is the cream cheese. It was alright. The Nuts for Nana was a tad bit oily. The Nutella frosting didn't tug any heartstrings. What I liked about the bunch was the Cinnabunny. It was afterall my first carrot cake. I liked how moist and the frosting was really good. I didn't realize cinnamon and carrot cake fits perfectly well together.

Yes. I will visit them again. I'd see if I'd end up liking everything. I mean, I loved red velvets! How come it was too dry for me? And someone claimed that the aroma could knock the heck out of you. It didn't for me. :(

Maybe next time.

Phoebe's Cupcakery
Paseo Saturnino, Maria Luisa Road
Banilad, Cebu City
Business Hours: 2:00 PM - 10:00 PM
Contact Number: (032) 238-3912
Email them at :
Like them in FB at this link: Phoebe's Cupcakery

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  1. I have only tried their choco hazel. I liked it but I think their cupcakes are too expensive (but then most cupcakes sell at that price). I won't be going back there anytime soon...only because of the price :-) I am cheap! Hehe


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