Ride to Plaridel

I left the vessel at around 5AM per instruction. I managed to check Google Maps prior to boarding so I knew where I was headed next. Outside Ormoc Pier as by convenience you will then find the van and bus terminal. I was under the impression that I had to throw in my Tagalog skills and asked someone where the terminal for Plaridel was. Only to find out they speak my language: Bisaya.
The bus to Plaridel left just a few minutes from the time I left the boat. I wasn't in the mood to ride their buses, so I asked for the van that would be the first to leave. Fare was Php100 for an hour trip. I told the driver that I should stop at Plaridel Elementary School. I ate my breakfast inside the van. Hahah! :)
Wow! This school has been here for 63 years!
Thank God, I still had a few water left from the liter I bought from SM Cebu. I managed to be full for the trip ahead of me. I was planning to take a nap however, I didn't want to pass by my stop. I was cautious and nervously looked at the landmarks. What I noticed during the whole time I was awake was that their roads are made as if it was in one straight line. It was sort of amazing how the main road and the highway is one and the same. I grew tired doing this so I took the liberty of taking a short doze. The driver woke me up and said I was here already. Too soon? Gaaah. I paid for the fare and took my first step in Plaridel. I walked a few meters and I saw this tarp. So I knew I was at the right place.
80's yeah? :P
I was waiting for my cousin to fetch me. There is a bit of a problem. Globe's signal is almost dead here! I had to go all Lion King on my phone just to get signal and be able to tell them where I was. I grew tired and decided to take a short break at a parked jeepney. I could here a mass at the church just a few meters from where I was. 

I thought that maybe my relatives were there. I think I can just sleep for a while and wait for the mass to end. There was this person who was walking his baby and I had to ask him where Aunt Bebie's House was. He didn't know who she was and that there were tons of Bardos in the area! I was like OMFG! This cannot happen. Too tired to panic, I decided to sit and breathe.  All of a sudden, Aunt Ali came! Yay! I am saved! :P

The house to our home for the time being was a bit of a walk. We headed there in no time. Talked a few and caught up on things. I was tired and I badly needed to sleep. I forgot I didn't had the sleep I needed to last me for today's activities. When we arrived at the wide landscaped lawn, I saw my Lolo sitting on the chair outside.

He beamed at the sight of me and even called me by my name! I gave my respects and talked to him for a bit. When I look at my grandpa I can see my dad. Aside from the fact that they both share the same name, he somehow looks like my dad or was it the other way around? 

After seeing him, my aunt ushered me inside. She introduced me to the hostess and instructed me to rest for a bit. The house was lovely. It was really wide and the lawn was utterly taken cared of. There were around 6 rooms inside the house fit for a big family. I went to the room where the others were. When I got there, they were still sleeping. I wish I could sleep too. 
Since I was too excited to catch up on my cousins, I used the remaining energy I had and took the time to talk to them. Somehow, after breakfast I managed to survive the whole day.

The reunion was held at a nearby covered court just at the back of the church (photo above). The party started around noon and there were tons of activities and games! What I loved about the event, was that we were able to make new ties with newly acquainted relatives and rekindled lost communication. Fast forward to the meal, boy was it ever good. The oily goodness of roast pig, a few seafood and some fresh fruits with the coldest sodas made me a happy camper. We were also offered dirty ice cream to beat the heat! Yay for free food! :P
This is the view from the receiving area of Aunt Bebie's mansion. Lovely yeah? I wish I would stay here forever however I needed to go back to work. 

The Journey to My Family's Roots

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