Bound for Ormoc

This quest to survive the meager amount of cash I have and the almost non-existent money I have on my ATM card! I had to make use of the incentive I received from work. I got excited that things fell to place and I can visit Leyte and see my relatives even for a short amount of time.

I made it just in the nick of time at the ticketing office of Roble Shipping lines. They are situated near the carenderya in Pier 2. When I got in the small spaced office, the guard closed the roll up window declaring I am the last customer. Whew~ Nailed it!

Tip #1: Buy tickets prior to boarding or even days before you plan to sail. Saves you time and unnecessary adrenaline rush.
I am bound for Ormoc since this was the only vessel sailing for tonight. I would only ride a bus to Baybay, Leyte from there. Since this was a short 5 hour trip, I decided to take the Sitting Ticket at Php420. And I was not willing to spend more than Php500. Sitting means well, you know you sit the whole time. I thought to myself that I will not get some sleep anyway so I think it was a good call. I enjoy travelling. As they say, it broadens the mind. And you should never be a stranger to your own country. This ultimately is my first trip after what seemed like almost 3 years of residing here in Cebu.

Tip #2. Travel light. If you are only staying for a few days. Just bring a pair of jeans, shorts, a few shirt, enough undergarments. Don't forget to bring your toiletries and medicine. Wet wipes is a must, if you are like me who have an aversion to tissue papers.

Aside from the ticket, you also need to pay for a terminal fee. It is only Php10 per passenger. The port terminal even has Free Wifi access and no password. You can check in on Foursquare or tweet about your latest travel exploits.

It was a slow night on the baggage check. They have the bag scanner that checks your stuff for any suspicious looking items. They also scan your food and beverages just in case you are that clever. Anyway, I was expecting a trained dog to sniff my clothes, there was none. I thought that was odd or maybe the scan enough?
The waiting area even had flat screen TV.  I was on the wrong side.

We waited for the shuttle service to take us to the vessel. Just to let you know, I only have my phone with me so you will be expecting some crappy photos from there on end. :P
Port Shuttle at no extra fee! :D
The shuttle took awhile to start as we were waiting for the other passengers to get in. I was a bit nervous that we might not make it. We eventually made it in time. 
The shuttle services are open for everyone.  as long as you have a ticket and you have passed the baggage check then you can take advantage of it. It is convenient for those passengers with heavy baggage! No more porter fees! :)
Ormoc bound.
The ticket included the seat number as this was the Sitting option. Since the vessel wasn't that full, I choose the seat next to the railing. It was breezy and the air was a bit humid. I didn't mind. Armed with my trusty wet wipes, I tried my best to make my seat clean as possible. I couldn't keep track with how many wipes I managed to use.
The view from where I was seated.
Was near the motor. It was a bit noisy.
I even had a cute company minus the stalker at the back.
Prior to heading to the pier, I stopped by SM City Cebu to grab some fresh green salad. Was still on my diet and healthy living regimen. I would like to believe that it is working. Ha! :P

I also wasn't in the mood to eat heavy meals as well. I also got myself a Chicken Fillet Meal from McDonald's which I will save for breakfast. 

Tip #3: Buy food prior to boarding. Onboard food and even drink cost almost 50-70% more than buying from the grocery.

Tip #4: Do not eat too much while traveling. The comfort room is a stranger and should be kept that way.  Photo will be down below. You wouldn't like to spend all your time travelling visiting the CR, now do you?

The comfort room wasn't even considered as comfortable. You always have this shivering down  your spine at each visit. Best to keep the liquids at bay than frequently visit here. The water also is turned off when you dock, so it is best to do all your stuff prior to docking.
I told you!
TV is available for entertainment. Cable will only work for a few miles from the shoreline.
The waters were calm and the moon was shining brightly. Apparently, it was Supermoon. I adored the sight and how the water glistens to the moon's shine. People also took noticed. In any case, I watched the TV while others started to finish their meal. After what seemed like a short while, we arrived in Ormoc at 4:17AM May 6th.
First glimpse of Ormoc.

I knew I was a different city when the plate numbers does not start with G anymore. XD
I had to wait for day break before heading to the bus terminal. Will talk about what happened next in the next blog post.


This is a late post so I am using today's date instead. :)

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