Unwinding at Corals

Sorry for the late post, anyway I recently got back from my so called writer's block and I am on a roll today! :)

After our failed attempt at taking a dip on the waters out back. We headed out to Corals Corals Beach Resort and Lodging House in Sitio Kinuhaan, Barangay Maitum Baybay. Leyte. Yes this happened when I was in Leyte for a family reunion! :P

What I noticed when I was in Leyte the first time I got there was that they only had one main road! Everything is just on the same road from the market to the barangays. It was utterly amazing. We hopped a multicab from Aunt Bebe's house and paid Php9 each. 
Admission is cheap yeah?
There was a sort of pool with no fishes.
They had pool tables as well.
Mini grocery out in the front.
Cottages are rented for the whole time you are there.
Pardon the almost butt cleavage over there.
The summer heat is utterly sweltering, what better way to cool off than swimming? I was not ready to swim nor even had enough clothes to last me 3 days! The initial plan was to attend the reunion and leave the same night. Since I missed my relatives, believe it or not. I decided to stay.

My cousins went to take a dip on the pool. The waters were totally inviting. Too bad I left my sunblock at home and my clothes as well. 
Resort fronting the waters.
Hamming it up! 
Dark Chocolates FTW!
I took the liberty in making the ceviche, I love ceviche, in case you are not too familiar with the term, that is kinilaw for you! Anyway, we bought the day's catch from the fisher folk at the back of Aunt Bebie's house. While Jessa took hold of the fish grilling and my Aunt Bebeng used her charms to borrow a stockpot to cook rice on. We were all successful with our endeavors
Grilled fish
My aunt was able to cook the rice and we had enough food to last us for the next few hours. I almost forgot how sweet freshly caught fish tastes like and boy did we were into the moment. I savored the last few minutes we were there before we left to visit one of the oldest house in Leyte.

Even the sea looked really inviting!

The Journey to My Family's Roots


  1. Hi. I was searching the net for the price of a 3-day stay in Corals and I saw your blog. So, I was wondering if you might know the price? Hopeful for your reply! Thank you! ^^

  2. Hi Judee, sorry fort the delay. OMG, this oist is waaay too load and I am sorry that I do not have their prices for overnight stay.


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