Cobo Amazing PossibiliTeas 2.0

I was a late bloomer when it comes to milk teas and yes, it took me a loooong while before I jumped in the bandwagon. The first place I ever went to that actually had legit milk teas was in Cobo. They have been in the business since February last year. 

Look at the newly added menu up top. Pardon the blurry photo.
It took me awhile to come back and try other teas from their huge selection. The summer heat was utterly draining and we decided to head out to our favorite milk tea place. This time wanted to try something else. This is the Mango-Peach Green Tea with some Mango Burst and then the latter is one of my favorites Wintermelon Milk tea.

What I loved about their teas and what keeps me coming back for more because you can really appreciate the tea. It leaves you a creamy after taste and the bubbles are really tasty not the hard to chew type.

Going on to the Mango-Peach Green Tea: first impression was air freshener. It seemed like I was indulging something I would smell on a car. Odd yet it somehow grew on me or maybe I just had an adventurous palate than most. Since they started with the bursting bubble fad here in Cebu, I took all the time to search for a video for everyone else to understand what I meant. On the right, these are the mango bursts and to the left, this is the burst when you purge the concentrate out. :P 

Now, imagine this all happening in your mouth! Utterly entertaining. Party in your mouth without any pun intended! ;)

Here is a video as to how a caviar or popping boba is made. Calcium Chloride is mixed with water and just add Sodium Alginate to your chosen flavoring which in this case is the watermelon. Since the calcium does not disolve in water, it forms a sphere. And this sphere is of thin layer, making it a bit frail on the mouth and most specially when you attempt to chew on it. Hope the video helped. Source is from

If you have never tried it yet? OMG! Try it now! Please try it from Cobo! Seriously, you would not regret it. Try the Wintermelon and the Honeydew Smoothie! :)

Cobo Awesome Possibilities
2nd Level J Centre Mall
Bakilid, Mandaue City

The Verdict:

4/5 Food
5/5 Ambiance


  1. Wonder why they changed their menu board... did they have new flavors/options?

  2. Not really just new well-lit ones. I liked it better this way. :)

  3. I've tried their sea salt milk tea! :D


  4. i was about to try it when I first visited J Centre. But I guess, I did not have company as brave as I would have been. haha!

  5. we should go out sometime, annie~ :P


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