Dorting's Barbecue

Sorry, the smoke totally covered the Dorting's on the sign. After a very tiring photo/video shoot for a mutual friend's wedding. We ended up in Marigondon, just a few kilometers from home to eat.
I love barbecue and everything carcinogenic. It was a busy night. We got there around 6:30PM and we decided to wait for guests to free up some space.

The game plan was that we would get our orders first and then wait nearby for guests to finish their meal. It was a jam packed place and it was on a Thursday?! Wow! This place sure has patrons! While we await for our order to cook and for seats to vacate. We sat on the waiting area and chatted for a few minutes.
Smoke can get into your eyes! O_o
The view from the waiting area.
Look at those meat! Gaaahd. I am soo hungry!
Please finish up! Please finish up!
So we finally had our seats and then the food came! They burned it! Hell do I care! I am utterly hungry and everyone dined in with much gusto!

The meat were tender and not as juicy as Manang Fe's barbecue offers. Maybe it got something to do with it being burned. I could eat anything at this state.  All I know is that I had better ones. Will come back and decide if it's the taste had something to do with the cooking time. For the moment, this will do.

Dorting's Barbecue
Marigondon Road, Lapu-Lapu City
Opens 8AM til late around 12MN

The Verdict:

3/4 Food
3/5 Ambiance

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