Kameyaki Okonomiyaki

Almost 4 months ago, I received a personal invite to visit the only okonomiyaki place in Cebu when I find time. I finally did! I decided to visit them and check them out. I have always been a fan of Japanese food and this would be a first for me.  :)
Okonomi means favorite and yaki means grilled. That means, you get all your favorite items on your batter or pancake. I checked their Facebook page and their menu is making me droll. So I headed to Talamban and boy was my tummy totally grumbling. We left the house fast and hoping against hope that we do not faint in between transit.
Almost an hour of travel we finally arrived at Piazza Elisia.
Situated in front of Rose Pharmacy, this small spot just below the stairs is truly hard to miss. Opened last March of this year, they have been on the business for almost a steady 3 months now. 

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We arrived just minutes after they opened and they were still prepping. The waitstaff were really charming! They even greeted us in Japanese which was sort of cute. :)

They had chairs by the counter and a few tables on the sides. The air was fresher at this side of town and you can just eat al fresco like a boss.

We decided not to take things slow as our tummies were already protesting. Ordered the Squid Okonomiyaki with runny egg and bonito flakes while my companion had the Spicy Yakisoba.
#032eatdrink, food, cebu, okonomiyaki, kameyaki, nasipit talamban, japanese food
Multitasking skills at work.
I watched as they prepared my meal. What I noticed was they had portions of their serving already made in advanced and was kept on a plastic sealable container. The cabbage was really fresh as I could see that there has been no sign of those icky dark spots it gets from a being un-used for some time. They had almost every container for each ingredients like the squid. Seeing them prepare the dish with much care and love gave me a sense of happiness and truly created this trust that I will get the best quality food without sacrificing anything! Great job on this part! :)
#032eatdrink, food, cebu, okonomiyaki, kameyaki, nasipit talamban, japanese food
There goes my ika or squid. :)
Aside from the assurance that they provide the best quality ingredients, the waitstaff are hilarious! They do build rapport to each customer and that really is something other places should try to do. I sure felt at ease the second we got there. I didn't know a thing about the menu and they all assisted us with smiles! They are truly attentive to your needs and they seemed to like their job! You know there are those food staff that do not look in any way happy about what they are doing? But the lovely ladies in the counter were fun and vivacious to provide you excellent service and they also are sanitary. A huge plus to any food industry.
#032eatdrink, food, cebu, okonomiyaki, kameyaki, nasipit talamban, japanese food
Golden Brown goodness.
I await in anticipation as they were busy finishing up the Yakisoba. What sets their version apart from the others is that they have this creamy, sauce that somehow is enough for the dish. You ask if there were veggies? Well for non-veggie eaters, you will like this one. This only has cabbage, noodles, pork and then a sprinkling of nori bits with a drizzle of sweet mayonnaise! Looking at it makes me want to eat it off the screen! XD
#032eatdrink, food, cebu, okonomiyaki, kameyaki, nasipit talamban, japanese food
Pork Yakisoba sold at Php90.
#032eatdrink, food, cebu, okonomiyaki, kameyaki, nasipit talamban, japanese food
A customer wanted Pork Okonomiyaki so I took a photo of it. They add the meat on one side, wait for it to be golden brown and then wait for that magic moment.

A piece of heaven at only Php150!
Look at this lovely piece of heaven! Topped with bonito flakes or dried fish flakes and runny egg my Squid Okonomiyaki is ready! The staff drizzled nori bits and a generous amount of special sauce with mayonnaise. The taste: quite magneficent. It was filling to say the least. The pancake ingredients were really fresh, the cabbage crunch at every bite, the sauce was sweet and tangy, the bonito flakes were as you know fishy and the egg, boy was it like a dream.
#032eatdrink, food, cebu, okonomiyaki, kameyaki, nasipit talamban, japanese food
The pancake was cut into four and I sliced the egg to make the yolk run. Took a piece with the disposable chopsticks they had and I dived into it like a pro! When it was served the bonito flakes danced around from the heat of the pancake. It was ethereal, it felt like I had magic powers or was it because I was totally starving? The wait was totally worth it. You get crunchy veggies, soft salty egg, a  satisfying mix of everything sweet and the creamy sauce was a wonderful combination!
#032eatdrink, food, cebu, okonomiyaki, kameyaki, nasipit talamban, japanese food
Iced Sunrise Juice at Php40 a glass.
Enjoyed it best with their Sunrise Juice! This concoction of pineapple, orange and mango would make you want seconds and thirds. The meal totaled to Php320. We left with our tummies happy and our body wanting to sleep. Pig syndrome was kicking in! :P
#032eatdrink, food, cebu, okonomiyaki, kameyaki, nasipit talamban, japanese food
Watch out for their new product!
They now extended their services via catering! Contact them at the number below for more information. We paid for the bill and  decided to walk it off and check out the other places Piazza Elisia. We will definitely come back! The place is quite far from where I live yet I would go over the mountains to have my taste of Okonomiyaki again! I also recieved an e-mail that they will be launching a new product soon. I hope I get invited! As it turns out that the day was Japanese themed, we headed to Ayala after and had Shabu-Shabu for dinner. Will blog about it next. :)

Kameyaki Okonomiyaki
Piazza Elisia, Talamban
Cebu City
Business Hours: Daily 2:00PM -10:00PM
Contact Number: 0917-309-0949 or landline at (032) 406-0722

The Verdict:

8/5 Food
7/5 Ambiance
10/5 Service


  1. I always walk by and check out the place every time I'm in Piazza Elesia...maybe next time, I will sit and order one. Thanks for sharing!

  2. You should! It's worth it! :)

  3. The food looks awesome~! Thanks Emma, we'll try this! :D

  4. It tastes better! OMG! It's truly filling and satisfying!


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