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Vienna, as everyone knows is the capital of Austria and is considered as the culinary center for more than  a thousand years now. Austrian owned, they opened in Cebu on December 19, 1983. This would have to be the first coffeeshop here in Cebu. Kurt Schnabel an Austrain printing engineer founded and opened a few stores. This small space offers the best coffee in the lands and of course meals that will leave you burping more than usual (and not the bad kind). :)

Waiting for Ayala to open, we headed out to the Gorordo branch to settle in and kill the time. I have never been to any of their branches. So, this visit us a first. Where's my warm welcome? Anyway, what I planned was to try out the coffee since it was breakfast time and I needed the energy to last the day. Should you ask what I was doing there? I was out to deliver some cupcakes. Yes, this so called food critic bakes too. :)

Look at the interiors? The booth feels really comfy from afar and boy it was. The place had 6 comfy booths,  we choose the ones next to the newspaper stand. What better way to start the day than by eating breakfast and reading the paper? God, I sound like an old lady! Hahaha! :P

Interiors looked posh. There were old photos of Vienna hang on the walls of this space. I was hoping a European would come in and talk in his ancient tongue. The space does not try hard to be a European place. You just feel it. It felt authentic.

We decided to try the pastrami and skipped the coffee. A pastrami is a delicacy made from cured meat of pork, beef and mutton. There are also other varities like slices of chicek and turkey. This was created to cure meat and preserve meat before modern refrigeration.

Sliced beef, tomato, a mustard salad over a thick toast makes a pastrami.
The pastrami was served after a few minutes. I was sort of expecting that this was a hot headless sandwich but it wasn't! Ahh I am such a naive! :P

One, it wasn't hot since this is cured. It was really big and not the type you can use your fingers on. Let's get them cutlery for this. There was an asparagus stick as well which tasted like it was from a can.  

I loved the mustard side which was also the yellow bed where the meat was placed. The bread was thick enough to hold everything in place and not get moist from the salad. I reckon this would have tasted really well with coffee. Maybe next time. A first and certainly not the last.

Vienna Kaffeehaus: Gorordo
Pedro Calomarde Street corner Gorordo Avenue, Cebu City
Contact Number: (032) 238-9030

The Verdict:

4/5 Food
5/5 Ambiance

Other branches:

Vienna Kaffeehaus: Banilad
Ground Floor Ford's Inn Hotel
A.S Fortuna Street corner Banilad Road, Cebu City
Contact Number: (032) 505-3565

Vienna Kaffeehaus: Mandaue
Ground Floor Orchard Hotel and Suites
A.S. Fortuna Street, Bakilid, Mandaue City, Cebu
Contact Number: (032) 505-8388

Vienna Kaffeehaus: Mactan
Goldberry Suites Quezon National Highway
Pusok, Lapu-Lapu City
Contact Number: (032) 505-7186

Vienna Kaffeehaus: The Gallery
J. Luna Avenue, Mabolo, Cebu City
Contact Number: (032) 239-0927

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