Oyster Bay

Yes, thank God for Ensogo vouchers and headed out to Oyster Bay. On the way over, we got lost. Took a taxi instead and slept on the way over. It was near Amosup Seaman's Hospital. I am a seafood fiend and I miss the sea and the gems it hold.
We reached the place an hour late from our appointment. And little did we know, we only had an hour and a half to dine. We ordered right away to make sure we have everything cooked and ready. The space does not feel fancy at all or maybe because there was only a few people outside. They have indoor dining area as well which is best during the mornings now that it's summer and the heat is sweltering. 

This little guy gave me shivers. The shark tank that sort of resembled a moat houses around 3 sharks. Small yet they make me nervous! :P Look at that eye! :s
Shark feeding everyday at 7:30 PM.
Al fresco dining.
Live sea creatures hoping not to get picked.
Cioppino sold at Php190
This is the cioppino, a classic seafood stew which is ade with a little bit of everything from the sea. You have shrimps, clams and even crab meat! This is seasoned with oregano, thyme and basil. I loved the taste of this dish and I liked how it was really creamy. I never really thought I could finish two full bowls! The serving was humungous. Sorry I failed to show you the bigger soup bowl this was served in but trust me, it can be shared for 4-6 guests! I couldn't even finish all the soup, I just fished out the meats and had my fill.
Lechon Kawali at Php195

Here is my blurry photo of the Lechon Kawali, it was one of those types that had less oil. Crunchy and very well seasoned. The condiment reminded me of Mang Tomas and the atchara (pickled unripe papaya) was not something that I like.

The waitstaff served two rectangular plates of oysters! I thought I only get one! Turns out that it was their Buy 1 Take 1 deal! YAY! More for me! :P Served with a garlic sauce and lemon. Ahhh, nothing beats fresh oysters. Reminded me of my hometown. ~sniff
Steamed Oyster Php130
I had a hard time finishing everything. My companion doesn't really share the same zest for seafood and claims to be allergic to any of them salty critters in the sea. :)

For my drink, I choose to get the Green Mango Shake. Boy, was it creamy! I loved the tangy, sour taste and of course the creamy consistency. Was a lovely mix. This is one of my favorite shakes as well.
The funny thing was, since we were late we had to finish fast and pay early for the cash registry will close at any time soon. Thank God I was able to eat all the oysters and gulped all my drinks. The place is truly ideal for dates, family events and even just a place to get your seafood fill! It does take a few efforts to reach the place yet it would be worth your while! Trust me! I still have one voucher left and will come back next time with more company!

Oyster Bay
Bridges Town Square, Plaridel St. Alang-alang,  Mandaue City
Contact Numbers:
Telephone (032) 344-7038        
Fax (032) 328-4246 

The Verdict:

Food 7/5
Ambiance 7/5
Service 10/5

How to get there? Click this link to view their site map.
Want to know what they have and their prices? Click this link to view the menu.

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