Army Navy Burger + Burrito

Opened last Tuesday, May 22nd to the Cebu foodie. The place can hold as much as 40 guests. Well-ventilated and was really clean. You might ask what the arc is all about. This is the Quonset is a design which was developed during the WW II to house troops and their supplies. Made from corrugated steel, this was the shelter the troops used. The name was derived from the area where this was first made which was near Quonset Point in Rhode Island. The question now is however do you pronounce it? :P

The place is located in the new building at the corner of Pardiga Street and Geonzon. Just head out to Chicken' Beer and walk straight to the next building. You know you are there when you see a tarp saying C24 will open along with Starbucks. Trust me, no one hardly knows the place and you will not get lost out in the jungle that is IT Park. I got excited when a foursquare friend checked-in this week. And vowed that I will get there and I did! :P

Mission Accomplished! :tup:
I remembered how Prince spoke highly of this as one of the best places he has been to. And you gotta trust his taste in everything! And when I thought that I only will get to hear about the place from friends or friends. They then migrated here in Cebu! Hells yeah! FTW!

The place was packed when we arrived and there were only a few tables left open for new guests. We headed straight to the counter. Just click the photo below to view the prices. :O

The menu was enough to tell you what they had and what to expect. We decided to get the Burger and Steak Burrito and shared a large Libertea. I only have a Php500 dine out budget and this has been the tradition in every food review I do. I need not spend a lot on food to satisfy my hunger. Yes, I am stingy! :D

It sure is! :P

This was the first time I ever had a burrito. Don't get me wrong, I love Mexican food I could say that I am not that well rounded with all of them yet. It consists of a wheat flour tortilla folded into a sort of cylindrical shape to enclose the filling. Fillings include plain rice, beans, veggies, meat and cheese. Yes, it is filling! ;)

Along with the burrito, you get a salsa made from garlic, finely chopped tomato with a slice of fresh lime. Just like any novice, I wasn't sure what I was supposed to do. Luckily, you have this how-to photo. And so I did, I was hoping I would like it better with the procedure. I just wasn't sure! Honestly, I am not much of a fan of burritos; I am more of a quesadilla and taco fan. The tortilla was not the plain type, it had spices which I have no idea as to what. All I know is the taste is new to me and I need to get used to it.

The burger was really great. The patty wasn't as juicy as I wanted it to be just like what I had in Burger Joint. It seemed like it was the frozen patty and then grilled. I guess it was. This could be the case since they just opened. They sure will get their local supplier set in the next few weeks. Having this in mind, the burger does not disappoint mind you! It was great due to the fact that the vegetables were really fresh. A thick slice of tomato, onion, a quarter pound of ground beef, drizzled with cheese and some iceberg lettuce. I was certainly not a fan of sesame seeds unless it is on a bun like this or on a cold Mochiko. Did I mention you can add sautéed onions, cheese for the cheese sluts and yes all hail BACON? :b 

The house blend tea is called Libertea which is aptly named. Refreshing taste and worth every penny. Sorry for the sucky photos.I was in a rush to snap everything and get my hands working with my meal.

Since it was sort of the night rush, we finished our food and headed out for the Gabii sa Kabilin. Will come back next payday and try the Freedom Fries, Quesadilla and the Ube Shake.

Word will spread and people will swarm here soon. Grab a friend and visit the place!

Army Navy Burger + Burrito
Padriga Street corner Geonzon Street, Lahug, Cebu City
(I.T Park near eBloc Tower 2)
Operation Hours: 9AM to 10PM ~ a 24H plan is still at the works

The Verdict:

Food 5/5
Ambiance 5/5


  1. Another place to check out. The only one losing weight here is my wallet, tsk tsk.

  2. sounds good! looks a lil pricey but i wana try those burritos! xD

  3. @Gie, it's not that expensive. We paid around Php435 for everything. It was really fulfilling. It gave us enough energy to last the next 6 hours for the Gabii sa Kabilin. :)

  4. i tried the bully boy last night! i wasn't dissapointed! :P


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