Journey to the Past: Yap-Sandiego Ancestral House

Built during the late 17th century, this is the oldest Chinese house outside of China. This was the house of Maria Eleuterio and Consolacion Yap. At present this ancestral house is in the custom of Mr. and Mrs. Val Sandiego.
The Sandiego: Val and Ofelia.
Antique glasswares
Our visit was short and sweet. We could not stay long for there was a queue of people downstairs. The second floor can only accommodate a few people due to the frailty of the structure. It was a great to know how lavish people lived way back then.
Guests were serenaded by a soloist and after which a duo of fire dancers to entertain everyone outside.

Yap-Sandiego Ancestral House
155 Mabini corner Lopez Jeana Streets, Cebu City
Opens daily from 9AM - 6PM
Admission Rate: Php50


  1. Woah I wouldn't want to have been alive at that century xD Although I would have loved to "visit" xD
    There's something about old things with a history that catch my heart strings! :D (Phrase inspired by the harp boy)I'm putting this on my list of places to go someday <3
    Thanks for the tag! :D

  2. No problem, Gie! I liked old places and this one creeps me out the most. Ahahaha


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