Journey to the Past: Casa Gorordo

Our next stop on our first Gabii sa Kabilin: Casa Gorordo. The house was built in the mid-19th century and was bought by Juan Isidro de Gorordo in 1863. It is now under the Aboitiz Foundation; the house has been restored and outfitted as a house museum that showcases the elegant lifestyle at the turn of the century.

Here are the few photos I took discretely. Was warned not to take any. :)

The veranda where the Gorordo's spend their afternoon talking about politics.

A typical sliding capiz window.
A program held outside the garden where guests can buy food care of Marco Polo Plaza Cebu.
A guide will inform you everything you need to know about the house. Educational and engaging. We were with a few foreigners who had the best time amidst the humidity.
A harpist playing soft music.

For a shorter post about the event, click here.

Casa Gorordo
Along Lopez Jaena Street, Cebu City


  1. I've been here already, but why does it lost better now? xD
    I would've loved to hear that boy play the harp. For some reason, I don't think he's had any lessons. xD
    Thanks for the tag! :D

  2. A guide told me not to take photos of the harpist. What does he take me for? Of course, I won't! I won't do it with flash! Hahaha

    They were pretty strict with the photography, so I decided not to take much.


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