Chowking's Chow Pao!

Chow King claims that the latest product they are now selling is the Chow Pao, umaa-PAO  sa sarap!
Nearly broke, we headed out to Mango Avenue to redeem the last voucher for a milk tea at Tea Serve. The newest Pao promises to fill the hungry with it's three variants: Chinese Sausage Special (with Veggies), Chinese Sausage, Chunky Beef and Braised Chicken. Prices start at Php25 to Php45.

The funny thing was they served me the Chinese Sausage variant when in fact I wanted the one with vegies that is the Chinese Sausage Special. I took the liberty in taking photos of it before I asked for a replacement. :P
Chinese Sausage with special sauce.
CK for ChowKing! :)
Sausage Special Php35
Yes, it would be a Php10 additional for the Sausage Special. It had fresh greens and a few julienne carrots and bits of egg or was that tofu? 
The bun tasted like grilled siopao dough, it tasted surprisingly alright. It was a bit of a chew but I think it was made that way to hold all the filling. You wouldn't want your ChowPao to fall into pieces.

The wrap looked like the ones from a comic. It was fun and filling. Try the Chow Pao at your nearest Chowking branch.

Chowking One Mango
Solara Building, General Maxilom Avenue, Cebu City

The Verdict:

4/5 Food
5/5 Ambiance


  1. What are the sausages made of? Is that pure chicken?

    Will wait for you answer! :) I do not really eat beef and pork for health reasons.


  2. Hi kdman, I apologize for I failed to ask what the sausage were made of. I would recommend that you ask the staff about it before you order.


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