Magnum Chocolate Truffle

The elusive Chocolate Truffle finally landed on my hand. Actually, I had to take it out from his cold confides. I had my share of this hyped up product from Selecta. I have heard about the mixed reviews of Magnum in general. Nonetheless, I am trying it out. :P

Back then, when you head out to your trusty supermarket you will never find any of these on the fridge. Guess the hype has died down, yeah?

Magnum appreciation post.

I didn't notice the gold lining on the insides of the plastic wrap. Meant for royalty, I guess. :P I took a bite out of the luscious Belgian chocolate coating and boy did that tasted like heaven. I think I liked this flavor better than the Classic. The pop is still sold at Php50 a piece. The thick coating still cracked at each bite and the insides were made with rich, creamy, chocolate ice cream. 

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  1. loved the almond... i tried the classic too, but not the truffle one yet.


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