Alberto's Pizza

We were baking and I was hungry. I thought we'd call the nearest pizza place which was Mamma Maria's Pizzeria. It would be nice to get the 50% discount on the second family sized pizza but the person on the other line was telling me that their delivery boy cannot locate where we live. Well, that sucked! So we then decided to call Alberto's Pizza which has always been reliable. 

We usually choose Beef and Mushroom or Garden Express but this time we opted for a different pizza variety: Bacon Special and Diavolos. They said it would only take 25-30minutes. And it sure did live up to their schedule.

Bacon Special 9" Php96
The pizza arrived and it was still piping hot. When we opened the box, I noticed one thing: there was a hefty amount of toppings. 

Diavolos 9" P115

It was a total treat. I love pizza and it was all worth it at Php211! I would have preferred a thinner crust but this would have to do. :P


  1. one of my fave pizza. are they getting expensive?.. i really liked their pizza when they started; have lots of toppings.. and cheezzzeeeee... but idk now.

  2. OMG! We just tried this when we went to Dumaguete! Now, I'm craving for their pizza. It's not like the usual ones Shakey's or Pizza Hut or Greenwich. They have so many choices that are so flavorful and yummy! It's so within the budget! Can't wait to have some of these soon.


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