M Lhuillier Dimsum & Tea House

I have walked passed countless times at this Dimsum Place in Gaisano Grandmall. Dimsum is not that new to me anyway, I have had my share of Steamed Rice, Siomai, Shark's Fin Soup and even some fowl's feet. So I guess, it was about time to check them out.

So we got ahead and ordered some Steamed Rice and Siopao! The place is really spacious. Interiors are of course Chinese in theme. They do have this small nook where a small Sto. Niño and a vase with flowers. We waited and our orders got to our table before you know it.

Let's play the Expectations Vs. Reality. Firstly: Where are my peas? My piece of shrimp? So, yeah sadly, there was nothing of that sort! Gaaaaaaah! This ain't a valid Steamed Rice! It was yummy but I want more juice! I want more toppings not just meat and sauce! Sold at Php52 but I have had better ones and far more cheap. Dimsum Break, Y U No Branch here?!

The Siopao
Moving on to the siopao, well one it was a bit small for the price of Php28. I was willing to pay more than the price at Dimsum Break I would be hands all over at this steamed piece of bola-bola bun! It was yummy but just like the Steamed Rice, I needed more. 

The Verdict: It was okay and I might not go back. It was a bit of a disappointment but I guess I got what I paid for. After eating at M Lhuillier Dimsum & Tea House it got me more hungry than satiated.

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