Sophia Grace, The Second Nikki Minaj

This little critter hit a whopping 7Million hits in Youtube for singing Nikki Minaj's super hit Super Bass. Her British voice, pink-tutu attitude totally astonished everyone. She got more attitude than me and I'm 24. It was about time Ellen imported them to the United States to meet her idol. Yes, from Britain to United States, tutu, tiara and all. Oh yeah, her cousin tagged along with her.

Here's the 7M hit video:

Ellen was able to interview them prior to the surprise. Sophia is the a firecracker than Rosie which was the more composed one maybe because she is still 5.

Then the surprise came. Such a cutie yes? She screamed, "I am the second Nikki Minaj!" when Ellen added her a wig. OMG! She is such a total cutie!

OMG! Don't you just love her?


  1. Omg. Gihimog back-up singer si Minajesty!!! Haha. Sophie's on fire.:mj

  2. I know right?! Grabe, firecracker is too short of a word! XD


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