since i got back in cebu all i get as a welcome gift is the flu and tummy-aches. cebu must have missed me soo much. in anycase, i am so glad that the internet is back after almost 3 days. i made small blogs when i was in davao and yes, i will post them here.

vomitus wednesday

so i am officially sick. 8.1am and we are on the jade room. boss has done nothing but nag at the social workers for passing somewhat mediocre work. the prayer has just ended and i reckon if she's nag at them again. she is distracted to the next room which also has social workers.

"nadedustruct ako" lol. whateves boss. im really sick. i vomited my what was supposed to be my breakfast. watermelon. did not feel really good. damn. the lights does not make me feel any better at all. they do not have milo cause i think im the only teen around here.

the omelette was rather oily and i did not have the strength to keep it down hence the vomit. i got medicine from the nurse who seems to know nothing about anything. i asked for something to keep my nose non-runny. i wanna sleep lang tana for the whole morning but i have to get the tarpaulin before the speaker leaves later.

i have to go out na. i hate this day. my throat is bleeding, my nose is stuffy. there is no freakin internet.

they are singing our father here like a cult. i have to leave before i vomit! 

bullshit thursday

so guess what happened today? i woke up late due to flu. i have been nesting this sickness for a few days now.

its amazing how she can get annoyed and more annoyed at 2 seconds interval. i hate to say that i love how she can get pissed. she however does not specifically say what a thing means so i precieve it quite differently which i guess is my fault but heck id say it was hers. this is my blog anyway. im just glad that i changed my blogs url to zhequia.blogspot.com hence she will never find this posted in the internet.

the freedom of expression at its finest. :P anyway, i would probably say that i will never do this again. im tired of doing something i do not get credit of. no matter how much you exert there is never enough efforts for her. if she can she'd rather do EVERYTHING on her own to satisfy herself.

id also like to point out her perfectionism: she wants to capture a photo while the activity was going on. the participants were dancing, she said to use the night mode that way the people at back who seem dark will be seen. i did do that and yes i took the photo. the thing is when people are moving on night mode it does not capture a still photo rather a blurry image is produced. well, to me she uses the wrong setting i would have preferred to use the sport/motion mode it would trigger flash anyway. so she decided to snag the camera off of me and did it herself. she was rather cocky about it cause i felt like she knows her camera afterall. she checked the photos and as i said, they were blurry. i had to stop myself from sniggering. ahhh the taste of pure happiness from seeing other people disappointed. call me evil but heck she deserves that! 

so she got annoyed as well cause she was not in the group picture. so she mummbled she was insulted in one way or another. the participant who thought was at fault said sorry and she not totally saying she liked the apology gave out a bullshit alibi that they should be on schedule and should not delay any further. 

im just glad im back in cebu. away from here. btw, if you ask how much i got from the 5 day work - i got a whopping php1000. just enough to buy me a new bag, pasalubong for friends and enough change for fare.

i will make a more positive post after this. i promise. :)


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