i arrived early at the airport last june 27 to catch the 5am plane ride to davao city. i also made mention that on my previous blog. i love mactan international airport because they provide free wifi access. yes, i tweeted and i thought that it won't be the last.

i travel light so i decided to just bring one big duffel bag from my previous company and my lappy bag. i don't need a lot of clothes anyway. :P so we checked in most of my bosses stuff and waited for us to get boarded. we were treated to a hot batchoy for breakfast and this cute kid pestered me while i was writing. well, she was cute and how could i resist such cuteness?

i had fun in the plane's lavatory and yes i took a brief video of it.

after a few turbulent moments i finally landed in davao. not much that what i expected cause it did rain a lot, reminded me a bit of butuan. always raining makes me think i was in london minus the trench coat. i however did not love every minute of my stay. i felt like i was missing out on things cause there was no internet. well let me rephrase that, there was wifi but it costs like a meal already and that's on a hourly basis - never mind. my boss cannot afford that either so she stuck by her globe tattoo and i was stuck with no internet whatsoever. 

a savior in the name of kenneth pierre bought me to abreeza, the ayala mall of davao. i forgot to take a night photo of my first visit but i took a new one before i left. yes, a panoramic shot at that. it does look really pretty and super wide inside its premises. i wondered for a mall it was a bit errr "mingaw". if this was cebu it will be jampacked, according to klo, people in davao are a bit more laid-back than that of cebuanos who herd on malls.

in case you think im just bluffing.

the pool in the deck which i never got the chance to swim.

the marco polo hiding in the palms.

freedom park

internet stub at a local internet cafe.

at the waiting room, waiting for the plane.

so yes, you get electrocuted first before you can wash your hands

a lot of people got stranded
rain was pretty bad

the whole trip back to cebu was not really pleasant. turbulence and a lot of shakes passed before i finally got the chance to sigh in relief as the plane landed cebu.
 so yes, the ride was rather rough but im really happy that i am finally on land. excited about my bed and the unlimited internet the house offers. i got a lot on my bag now, a few durian candies and a flu on my system.

will recuperate for a few more days and will donate blood as promised.

im glad cebu is dry as it is and yes, nothing beats the smell of linens back home. home is indeed sweet and to those i share it with. im glad im back. :)


  1. Always raining makes me think I was in London minus the trench coat.

    - Haha! My favorite line in this entry. :D

  2. so yes, you get electrocuted first before you can wash your hands

    -ha? so the faucet works only if you push a button? :))

  3. @chichi - oh yes! :)
    @leah - yeah, sort of. i decided not to wash my hands when i saw the button! :D


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