en route

absolutely FREE!
im officially at the airport already, waiting for my boss to come. she better come here cause she has my passport along with my terminal fee.

im on my way to mindanao for a training. i am an assistant you see and yes that includes getting the coffee and the dry cleaning, well not really - more like paper work and other things.

flight is still at 5am but boarding starts at 3am. at the strike of 2:08am i walked my way to the comfort room to relieve the pressure from my bladder. i found a seat and patiently waited to connect to the wifi here. yes, its free. :P

ohhh, a counter just like in the netcafe!
amidst the lurking people at my side checking my lappy or just plainly reading my messages i was able to connect. tweeted, checked my mail and pm-ed people. i think i have to go now, i dont want my boss seeing me logged in. i will get back to you later with the information as to where i am going. 

p.s should you like to know i have not slept since 8am sunday morning. :)


  1. Sawasdee ka!!

    I come to visit naka ^^

  2. Why can't I comment on your older posts? Sorry I just read your blogs now. I was seriously busy I guess. Tsk2.


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