Fuzzy Wuzzy Pastries


The all-time favorite pick-me-up dessert is one of our best sellers. We bake these little pieces of heaven with love and passion. Chewy and moist just the way heaven should be. 

Variants: Nutty Browns (brownie with chopped roasted peanuts), Black&Whites (a contrast of our brownie and a drizzle of white chocolate), Plain Browns (plain jane, no toppings of any sort) and Mixed Combo (a plethora of different variants; per clients specifications)

A box measures 10x6. Php160 per 20 pieces. (Should you like bigger sizes please indicate your preference.) 

Toffee Bars

A rich chocolate layer topped with chopped roasted almonds over a crumbly shortbread. Best eaten over tea or coffee.

A batch is sold at Php180 for 24 pieces.

Revel Bars

I never believe in healthy snacks til I met this baby. A fudgy oatmeal bar packed with the finest Australian rolled oats. One bar is enough for the day or you can just try to resist the urge to grab some more. 

A box measures 11.5x7.5. Php200 for 24 pieces.


This has always been a staple for every celebration and never complete without one. Our cakes are made with the finest ingredients in the market to satisfy your saccharine cravings.

Flavors: Moist Chocolate Cake, Devil's Food Cake, Butter Pound Cake. I can accommodate to any flavor. :)
Cakes can be filled with your favorite filling, written with love notes and even given as a gift. Best kept chilled.
Prices range from Php380-Php800 depending on clients preference.


These little devils can definitely brighten up everyone’s mood. A wonderful surprise from the usual sweets you get from the market. Small pieces of swoon worthy cakes can be very deadly, you might ask for more.

Better than S3x Cupcakes – chocolate after chocolate after chocolate, yes a triple whammy.
Red Velvet Cupcakes – a classic take on the classic flavor.
Devil's Cupcakes – moist little devil’s on a cup.
Chocochip Cupcakes – chocochip-holic’s kryptonite.
Fairy Cupcakes – vanilla infused cupcakes in its simplest form. 

Prices: Php150 for 6 cupcakes. Php 180 for 6 cupcakes with frosting and filling. Toppings and filling per clients specifications.

We now accept bulk orders of cupcakes at a very competitive price. This is good for birthday celebrations and other special occasions. Prices would depend on client’s specifications

Free delivery within Cebu City. Minimum of 2 boxes for brownies, revel bars and toffee bars. Meet-ups in Ayala, SM or I.T Park. Cash on delivery. For other orders, contact us: 0923-428-9590 or send an e-mail at zhequia@gmail.com we would love to hear from you. 


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