Mom ♥

I'm sorry that you have to spend another birthday without me again. Im sorry that I chose to stand on my own now. Im sorry I wasnt the best daughter you ever wanted. I know you deserve someone better, someone who would listen to you and follow what you want her to be.

I have been away for a long time now. Gone are the days when you would wake me up for school. Also the weekends we used to spend time hoarding ukay² in langihan, or just eating lomi at the fave place we used to go to. 

I have been missing you and you are always remembered. I started something that I can say I am most proud of. You may have not approve of this but one things for sure. You did raise me up to someone I thought I could never be: Stronger.

I know I may not have given you enough credit for all the sacrifices you have done for me nor give you all you wanted like how other good daughters do. I know as well that you only want whats good for me and wish that one day I will come to my senses and come back to your arms again.

Mom, I was never lost and I will always be your daughter. I know I have been really distant the past few months. I never really shut myself from you and dad, I just needed some space to grow.

I am happier now. I would like to thank you for all the things you have provided me with. All the love and care and I know I don't need to enumerate that but I want you to know that I truly love you. Sure we have arguments and sure you hate me already but nothing ever changes. I have always been yours as you are to me.

To the person who gave life to me.
I Love You.
Happy Birthday.


  1. awwwwww.... I guess we both have issues with our mothers? :D but even so, we love them nonetheless. :D


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