Total Lunar Eclipse: June 15, 2011 - Video

I intended to really witness this said even because the next time will be on December 10 of this year. I was so glad that the weather cooperated. I took a snapshot as well. 

Also, to those unable to watch the event due to weather problems or geographical location check this link. This is an online streaming of the eclipse. Even Google made an eclipse doodle for today, animated and interactive.

With the meager specs the camera I lent, I managed to get a short clip of this momentous event.


I'd like to use a tweet from Paulo Bediones - Watching it with the rest of the world makes u feel connected in some cosmic way. Indeed it does. I wish my dad is also watching this event, if I were home my dad would be as giddy as myself.


  1. Aw. My dad and i were looking at the moon on my last night with him :|

  2. awww, i wish it was the same for me. :(


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