Total Lunar Eclipse: June 15, 2011

This time it will be visible in Europe, Africa, southern Asia and Australia. It is said that this wouls be one of the darkest eclipses over. Best location to view the eclipse will be in the northern most region of the "entire-eclipse zone" in central Asia, as well as Eatern Europe and northesatern Africa.

When will it Occur?

A total of 100 minutes. The penumbral eclipse (“P1”) begins at 17:24:37 Universal Time (UT) and the partial eclipse (“U1”) begins at 18:22:57 UT. The total eclipse (“U2”) begins at 19:22:29 UT and the point of the greatest eclipse occurs at 20:12:36 UT. The umbral eclipse magnitude will reach 1.71 at the instant of greatest eclipse, making it one of the darkest eclipses in history. The total eclipse (“U3”) ends at 21:02:42, followed by the end of the partial eclipse (“U4”) at 22:02:14 UT. The penumbral eclipse (“P4”) ends at 23:00:41 UT.

In order for you guys to witness this rare event, kindly check this link. Pinoy readers can witness the eclipse tomorrow at 3:22am til 5:02am.


  1. ma klaru kaha ni sa ato unya?? anonymous frank npud ni... ahahah

  2. yes, hopefully the sky will be clear unya kadlawon. :)


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