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Its summer here on our part of the Earth and we are starting to plan out beach outings. A day at the beach is a good bonding moment for the family. Prepare the necessities: food, plenty of fluids, toiletries, sunblock and of course bath wraps. Summer fun should never be a hassle. For mothers, you can relax, unwind and rejuvenate by the sandy beaches while for kids they can take their needed rest after swimming by dozing off using their own preschool nap mats. It has been said that swimming is best learned and absorbed at an early age. Take time to teach your children a thing or two about swimming. Do this step by step. Let them learn how to paddle, float and move their arms around the water with you holding them by the arms. Parents can also sign up for weekend swimming classes for kids. It would be their summer class and it a great way to make the summer productive. This way, they would learn new things even during summer. 

Most parents want to just chill at home. Did you know that indoor activities can also create a form of bond between moms and children? You bet it is! What my mom used to teach me during summer was sewing. We would create a project together like tie-dying and even creating bags from old clothes, jeans or even old blankets. At an early age, I was exposed to different skills and I can say that summer was something I look forward to. The most memorable one aside from baking cookies and brownies was when my mom bought me a pink bag. Personalized kids backpacks not only make the item more your own but it is also a way for both the mother and child to talk. It is also an avenue of opening up thus strengthening trust and opens communication between the both of you. At this way, parents will know what your children feels towards something or what their preferences are from color, movies, music and even their school crushes. These small moments together creates lasting memories that you both can look back on in the future. 

Summer can be fun, trust me! 

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