i was invited for a beach getaway in moalboal. it was my first time going somewhere during the holy week. i was a bit excited about it and we only got a few hours til we travel down south. packed essentials: towel, toiletries, a few shirts, pjs and my all-around pillow/blankie (a freebie from my 1st job).  this would be my 2nd visit to moalboal. i have landed the fine sandy shores last 2 years ago. i think it was indeed about time to travel again. the last time i went out of town was last may en route to bantayan islands. 

i was half expecting tons of people were also going our way. we were able to arrive in cebu south bus terminal at 4am. the terminal looked pretty decent compared to my last visit. 

The entrance/exit.

Stalls to accommodate your travelling needs.

An in-house free clinic will assist you.

This is just half of the people leaving town.

we queued along with everyone else. paid php5 for the terminal fee. waited. laughed at our predicament when the voice over mentioned there were no more buses til 9:30am and its still 7am! egads!! so we waited still til one of the hosts friend lured us out of the queue and led us out to a door. waaaaaaah! were we shocked to see that the bus that parked before us was for moalboal. :)

the bus left at 9:59am and we then boarded for a 3-hour ride. the bus fare for moalboal is php107 each for non-aircon buses.  we passed different towns and we came to a halt at barili due to flat tire.

after the mechanic did his magic we were back on route. we arrived at moalboal at around 12noon.

in order for us to reach the resorts, we rode a tricycle at php25/each for the fare. we reached basdaku resorts were the they lay side by side. 

we paid php5 for the entrance fee then paid another php20 and lastly php10 for whatever reason.

finally, the white sand beaches, the clear waters and the flock of people wading in the shore.  we had to scour for available cottages. the rent for an overnight stay was at php1000. the hut had outlets for laptops and charging your gadgets. you can also cook, they have available grilling stations and of course 2 beds, a wide table for eating. on the downside, the hut did not have an indoor bathroom. we had to pay for using a public bath. php5 for doing number 1 and 2 and php20 for bathing. 

  • for overnight stay, bring a cooler filled with ice. tube ices are available but do cost more than the usual. php5 for a tube of ice is really pricey. so my tip, do bring a cooler, buy blocks of ice and cubes to keep your drinks cool and your desserts chilled.
  • choose a cottage that have an indoor bathroom. it will save you bigtime!
  • buy candles and pack some lights too. there was a power outage for almost an hour. good thing we were prepared.
  • bring gallons of water. being at the beach is really dehydrating so do keep yourself hydrated.
  • for those who suffer from seasickness - pack some anti-emetics for good measure. bonamine costs about php12 each.
  • if you are a shutterbug like me, pack some rechargeable batteries and some have extra ones too.
  • sunblock with spf30 or more. make sure to read the instructions on the label.
  • bring a tent and peg them on the shore. instant chill out spot.
  • make sure to keep your trash within the cottage. do not litter. plastic cups and other non-biodegradable items takes thousands of years til it decomposes. be responsible. throw garbage properly.

this is moalboal.

so you ask what you can do? let these photos answer that. :P





boat ride

jet ski


be sanded
discover sea creatures
have some urchin
get inked
be serenaded

or be like yellow

it felt like i have never been here before. moalboal does look a bit different now. i enjoyed my stay. yet again, the beach never fails to lift my spirits. too bad i wasnt able to swim. i got busy taking photos. i would like to believe that the album that came about this trip looks great. i never was a fan of portraits yet i captured some good ones. 

the stay was short and sweet yet it was really worthwhile. we left the next day, got our bags packed  again and the only thing we left in the beach were our footsteps.

til next time moalboal ♥


  1. I. Am. JEALOUS! Aw. Haha. Someday, Moalboal. Someday. :)

  2. I super love it ems!You've really captured the good ones!Thanks for sharing it!

  3. I'll be featuring this post on our facebook page this coming June 2011. Nice pictures :-)


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