life is uncertain. we may never know when one of the fates will cut our life thread and we will leave this  land we call home. i was a firm believer of reincarnation that we will soon come back to another form into another time. we will all meet again someday.

i woke up hearing a terrible news. a colleague recently passed on. she was one of those sweet, kind, polite person i knew back in college. she was a year younger than us and she was always active in our school paper as EIC. i also knew her cause she's a frequent listener at the local radio station i worked for back then. a music lover, has a strong faith in the almighty, an excellent student and a proud daughter of her parents, a fun friend and a great person to anyone who knows her.

it came as a bit of a shock. who would have thought? we may never know when.

i chatted with my friend yesterday and did a bit of reflection. 

if i die, who will cry on my grave?
who will be there mourning for me?
do i get to be remembered?
or will i be forgotten just like anybody else?

it is undeniable, we only got one chance to live. however we make use of our time here on earth is only up to us. we really never know when our time is up or how we leave our loved ones. we only got one chance. leave each day as if it were our last. be kind. be forgiving. be happy. choose to be happy. live like you have never lived before. when i die today and get to be in heaven (if i deserve it) i hope there's snow.


  1. Something's wrong these days. It's like somebody dies, you're shocked and then another one follows when you're not even recovering from the tragic loss of the first. OMG. Sad much.

  2. What saddens me most is that most of the people I personally know who died the past year are all young. I mean, a friend recently lost his mom, but majority are at the age range of 20-24.

  3. So sad to hear news all about death!We really don't know when our life ends!!The news just suddenly made me reflect things!

  4. I think I was the one you were chatting then. :)) I just hope too that whatever was in 5 people you meet in heaven is true. D


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