hella week

chichi has been telling me i have not blogged for quite sometime and i promised her i will make one. i have been really busy and i was hoping i can get more relaxation for my last movie date. this would be a brief recap and an update.

1. right now, i can finally say that i can breath easy now that pst is over and done with. i think i passed. whew! so the next step is nesting. 6 weeks of nesting then the real deal. new schedule next week as well. my shift starts from 5pm til 2am. we are now on 9 hour shift that includes the one hour lunch break which is unpaid. hmpf! we were a bit saddened by the payroll. not as much as we all expected it to be. i think i can manage for now.

2. a huge amount went to get my laptop up and about and also for the baking items. i bought a new 500gb harddrive for io to get back to life. i miss him badly and he will be in my arms by next sunday!! :)

3. the weekend to the beach was cancelled due to the low pressure. bummer! my weekend of humid sea air was spent in the cold walls of sm.

4. we were bombarded with 9 orders of brownies and one neighbor said they would like to display our goody on their store! :) we baked and made a box from chipboard. i can sense that this is indeed better than buying per piece. everyone loved it at work. they said one box was not enough!! :D

5. i am also happy to say that i just received my first pay from blogging. i am also waiting for my pay for the blog advertisement i made. you can read the travel posts i made at these links:

bantayan, cebu
samboan, cebu

fuzzywuzzy bakes official logo
do leave a comment. :)

6. i spent all day brainstorming what logo i will use for the saccharine goods we were making. now that we are selling and business is good. i think a logo would be best. i decided to ask my artist friend azzuly, to help me make a logo for our brownie business to make it official. this would be the logo of our pastry business.

7. i started a new diet that will help me lose the unwanted fat in my body. i need to lose them. it is not helping me move that much. i easily get exhausted from walking and much worse in climbing stairs.

8. i started to upload my photos in my photobucket account. i need to secure them now before i get io back. i cannot lose my files again.

9. i need new phone. i was recently checking for secondhand 6300 and i found one that cost 2k. i am torn from buying a secondhand or a brand new qwerty slide-up. its a good thing i aint got any money to spend on both! :P

10. i got a new mission and i aint saying it. someone might steal my wonderful idea. :P

it has been 2 weeks since the last time i posted here. im sorry for the delay and the anticipation. :) i am proud of myself that i was able to survive the weeks that passed. i can honestly say that i am not used to the pay that i am getting at my new company. i can say that i am stable at my finances. i got debts to pay and i eventually will. so let me take a moment to endorse my brownies. buy a tray at Php150 only (20 pieces) ♥


  1. Free box for me weeeee XDDD
    All the best in yer business and create more flavahs and types of pastries (pasigua lang inyung budget XD....on the other hand...madato naman sab mo XD) i swear masikat inyung product tungod sa logo

    GO Fuzzy Wuzzy bakes ^ w ^

  2. Nice business name and logo. Creative =). Can't wait for my ordered goodies to arrive =) ,,two thumbs up for the blog _jiller_

  3. Finally! :) It's soooo good to know that all is well with you now Em. If only I'm in Cebu. Haaay. Imma buy 5 boxes of those goodies gyud! Hihihi. ;)

    IMY! Good times. ♥


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