when i survived the mock calls i was totally ecstatic of the hours that will pass til it will be saturday again! saturday means freedom! saturday is my restday. :P i got my weekend all planned out.

strolling around the mall. 
sniff at books. (yes, i sniff books just like how you unconsciously bite your fingernails. :P) 
eat shawarma.
just smell sm.


the movie buff in me was really excited. woke up around 2pm. i never change my waking and sleeping cycle even on the weekend that way i wont have a hard time sleeping by sunday. :) watched a few tv series we were unable to catch up during the weekday and prepared to leave. got to sm after what seemed like an hour of travelling. its nice to be with someone you can talk to about anything. you hardly notice that you are at your stop already, guess you had one of those moments. we decided to check the movie schedule for the day. we were gonna watch red riding hood. i handed the movie cards from france (his birthday gift for me.), told the lady at the counter that the card was worth Php350. boy, was i surprised!! she offered it for an iMax upgrade instead. iMax? HELLS YES!!! 

my first iMax experience ever and with the person that mattered to me most. yes, i was out on an iMax date. ♥ we watched i am number four. its one of the movies on our bucket list for the year along with red riding hood which we'll just watch on the PC. sorry amanda, hope you understand. :D the movie is not due for a few more hours and we decided to buy food and roam around. we then got back to get our free popcorn. one iMax ticket avails you to a free popcorn. sweet! :P 

the movie was great. i enjoyed it a whole lot. i screamed at the right exact time. it was an exhilarating ride. i never felt this engaged in a movie. the cinema had surround sound. i can feel every punch. (no kidding!!) it would be nice to watch HP 7 part 2 here. i will definitely add that to my bucket list.

cebu's iMax theater is near the bowling alley on the 3rd floor. ticket prices vary on the movie. ranges from 350-500. you know its the iMax theater when you see its carpeted floors. the seats were nicely done too. you can use the arm rest/bottle holder or without it to cuddle. :) super wide screen. trembling seats. i think i felt it tremble. it was really a whole movie experience no the ultimate movie experience

hear more.
feel more.

iMax. what's showing this week? click here.


  1. All I can say is...SUYA! Hahaha. :D

  2. nyahaha. when you get back to manila go ahead and watch a movie in imax. :)

  3. I still dont know when. My heart belongs to...uhhhm...Butuan, that is. HAHA. I miss Maynila na baya. :(

  4. I didn't know that's the reason why the arm rest are move-able. TO CUDDLE pala!!! Maghahanap muna ako ng kacuddle! :))

  5. @lia: ahahaha. omg! you definitely get to find someone to cuddle to. :D


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