todaywas rather a busy day for me. we went to opon to buy ingredients for thebrownie orders due next week. we bought eggs, cocoa, boxboards, white sugar,mini mallows, chocolate bars (bittersweet and white) and of course peanuts. wehave 7 orders of brownies and 1 devils food order. we decided to buy a betterlooking box from the allegedly shoebox brownie packaging we had the last boards are rather expensive and it took me about 15 minutes to create aprototype of how to maximize the whole board and create a box with lid in onego. we intended to hoard this much that way we wont be coming back to themarket for a long time.
iwaited for the jeep to be filled to the brim with passengers. you see, in thephilippines an 8 seater jeep is equivalent to a 9 seater or 10 even. i have noidea why the hoarding of passengers beyond the vehicles capacity is an acceptederr tradition here. there was this jap looking person who boarded the jeep andsat next to me. the barker started to collect our fare.  he was countinghis coins and he asked me .. 
japlooking person - "8? 16 for two?" 
me- "9, 18 for two."
japlooking person - "sa-la-maat" yes, he said that by syllable. :)) :))
weall kinda smirked. 
japlooking person - "your watch says 4:30, is it 4:30 already?" 
personwith advanced time said - "no, its advanced.."
japlooking person - "oh, i thought it was 4:30 already... i am in ahurry"
sowe were cruising on the streets of lapu-lapu when a motorcycle swirved past ourjeep. the guy had the nerve to yell at our driver when we had the right ofway. he was killing all our time. jap looking person was curious with what washappening. i told him, "that guy swirved over and he had the balls towaste our time" the other passengers were annoyed with how the person wasacting so one guy blurted out "sige na, okey na!" then we all wentback to our business. 
iwas really curious if he was indeed japanese.
me- "are you japanese?"
japlooking person - "no, im korean."
me- "really?"
japlooking person who turned out to be korean - "yes, i am korean"
me- "ah! aneyong haseyo!" with matching bow
japlooking person who turned out to be korean - "anyonghaseyo"
me- "what brings you to cebu?"
japlooking person who turned out to be korean - "vacation, i work in subicand we decided to leave manila and stay here in vijayas" 
me- "ahhh, what's your work in subic?"
japlooking person who turned out to be korean - "i work in hanjin."
me- "oh, i have a friend who used to work for hanjin in subic."
me- "what's your name?"
japlooking person who turned out to be korean - "tony"
me- "what is your korean name?"
japlooking person who turned out to be korean - "lee, not bruce lee."ahahahaha
me- "do you know jon pyu?" everyone in the jeep smiled at me. i knowthey were dying to ask about him. not that i am addicted to it. the passengernext to me even mentioned f4. was she aware that f4 is a taiwanese band? :Plols. anyway, they were curious cause i saw that they were waiting for him toanswer.

japlooking person who turned out to be korean which is called tony - "oh,boys over flowers. no, they are not very famous in korea only in otherparts."
me- "ahhh, thats too bad.."
japlooking person who turned out to be korean which is called tony - "inoticed there are plenty of koreans here, but they are pangit."
me- "ahahahhaha!! so you are saying that you are gwapo?"
japlooking person who turned out to be korean which is called tony - "ahahha. yes. no. joke!."
hewas really charming. he was also funny. they were going to ayala to meet hisfriends. i told him that i can help them ride the right jeep. he was also awarethat some pinoy would take advantage of him being a foreigner. he stays at ahouse near grand mall, rides a jeep to get around the city. i never thought ofhim being down to earth and outright funny. he seemed like a decent guy. hementioned that he works for an oil digging company in korea, an engineer inprofession.

"i love thephilippines, the people are really nice here."
"cebu is betterthan manila."
"i would like to come back again here."

the new traffic systemsucks. i have to walk my walk out of chowking highway and go straight across toride another jeep to work. i was willing enough to get them to the jeepney stopwhere 21b jeep hoards people and the cycle goes on. koreans are really funny now that i was able to talk to one. they both shook my hand and we all bowed. at the end of the day, we filipinos are kind and hospitable. i love the philippines. :) 




  1. This is, by far, my favorite entry! :)Koreans are funny and lovable. They're like your brownies. You can easily get addicted to them. Ha! ;) I miss my students already. No work today. *sigh*

  2. Nyay!!! I wish I was there!!! That's the reason why I wan't to be an ESL teacher too!!! Waaaa... I'd love to do a part-time job for that. If there's one na homebased lng. :D Anyway, Yes, CEBU IS LOVE! :D


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