i got busy with work and this blogging sideline i have been doing for weeks now. i love the fact that at the end of each day I got someone who is waiting for me. ♥

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what else? i am trying to save and yes, i ain't got all the money in the world. as for now, when my salary is still not stable i made sure to make a list of what i need to buy and where all my money will go to.

things to buy:
  • something-something for may. an anniversary gift. ♥
  • 1tb hard drive - yes! i want a 1 terabyte hard drive. now that IO's hard drive has crashed not to mention the lost photos and blog files. i think it is about time to get IO totally pumped up! i can have all the memory for my photos (im hoping to get my DSLR this year) and for my rants. not all of my rants gets to be posted you know.
  • a new pair of jeans/tailored made - as i have mentioned last time, i have really packed some pounds and i do feel it ain't pretty anymore. i decided to go back to my oatmeal and veggie diet and swimming on the weekends and maybe some biking. i need a new pair! god! its such a hassle and it does stress me out when its time to prepare for work. i can't seem to find a pair that will fit me let alone constrict my legs and numb it. so yes, i will save up and go to opon to get a tailor-made kind.
  • a new pair of shoes - im a sucker for shoes and now that i realized i can't wear my rubber ones during dress-up in work, so i will need a black leather one. i think i found one in opon last weekend.
  • clothes and more clothes - it doesn't have to be branded so long as they fit me. i don't really care for labels cause i am a ultimate ukay2 queen! :D
  • a new phone - i recently (just last night) lost yet again my phone!!!! :( i guess i have to get a new one right? i liked the dual-sim capability of myphone and i still am reevaluating if i should get a new one.
  • iTouch - i enjoy playing with liya's touch and also with febbe's. i wanted my own touch. :P music, ebooks and games all in one; and yes facebook and tumblr and twitter too! :P
  • mockingjay (the last book of the hunger games) - i love this series soo much and yes in order to complete my collection i need the last book!!! :)
i gotta catch up on my sleep


  1. i love the fact that at the end of each day I got someone who is waiting for me. ♥ -- my favorite line. ;)

    yes. clothes and more clothes gyud. ukay-ukay ftw!

  2. @che: ahahah. oh yes!! :P ukay2 next week! :D

  3. get a blackCHERRY! it's what my friends use.

  4. hmmmm...looks like you have a lot of saving to do. good luck on that. :) I love the Hunger Games series too. I hope you are for Team Peeta as well. :D

    Thanks for visiting my site by the way. :)

  5. you should get an iTouch!!! So we can facetime. Or a BB. So we can BBM! You should definitely get a phone. And use globe so we can txt much! :D

  6. @lia: i will, soon. i plan to get an iphone!! O_________o


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